THE REAL McCOY’S Field Shoes N-1


Another extravaganza from THE REAL McCOY’S! This time a boot in WW2 Navy Style. Apparently took them almost three years two complete the research & design. What makes them so incredible to me is that they have perfected the sole. These kind of boots had a very distinctive feature: shredded cord in the soles (like the USMC boondockers). Took them several month alone to get the cord/rubber mix working. No other manufacturer had managed to recreated this process before.

As with most of the THE REAL McCOY’S stuff the boots are priced insanely high at 94500 Yen…   😯



Some more pics at the THE REAL McCOY’S blog

~ by m1pencil on December 6, 2012.

3 Responses to “THE REAL McCOY’S Field Shoes N-1”

  1. Can you tell me how these fit? What size are you in other boots?

  2. I got a pair of these, they are wonders to wear and are probably the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.
    They are not heavy and fits really well. You would not really believe how nice they are until you tried on a pair, it wraps around your foot like skin and the weight balance is perfect.
    It even felt “light” when you are wearing them.
    You would not believe you are actually wearing boots.
    Mine is a US size 9, which is the same size with my other boots.
    Craftsmanship, material used and detail are second to none.

    The catch is the insanely high price tag, these will easily be the most expensive boots that you will ever own in your entire life. So I don’t think they will be the boots that you go on reenactments or war games with.

    These are the second most expensive boots I owned, but it is also the one that will wear the fewest times. So I ended up selling it off wearing it only a couple times.

    I tend to wear the heel of my boots out very quickly due to the way I walk, I noticed the heel starting to wear after about my 3rd time wearing it. It is probably impossible to replace the corded rubber heel, even if I sent it to McCoy in Japan. So I decided to sell it before there are anymore visual damage.

    I am not saying the corded rubber wears out easily, it is actually on par with redwings, ATF’s “Made in USA” boots, etc.

    It is just the way I walk that wears the heel really quicker, so I decided that it might not be the boots for me.

    I have been thinking to get a new pair of these though, since WW2 impressions is failing to restock their Boondockers after promises and promises to (been waiting for at least 2 years now.) And ATF selling out theirs quicker then a speeding bullet and now also failing to restock.

    Those boots are $250-$260 and are good for reenactments and such, but they are garbage if you have worn the McCoy’s boots.

    Last time I checked (May 2017) McCoy’s still have these in all sizes available in their stores and online.

    So I say fuck WWII impressions and ATF, if you can afford these and wants the best. Buy them.

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