WW2 USMC Helmets IV: Paramarine Helmet


Did you know that the Marine Corps had it’s own paratroops in WW2? Paramarines are a very interesting and largely overlooked part of USMC history in the PTO, will post some more info on them in the future. Focus of this post is the USMC Paramarine Jump Helmet combo. Of course strictly speaking there is no such thing as a “Paramarine helmet”, it is a combination of a regular M1 helmet and an US Navy flight helmet. The helmet is a basic M1, not a M1C or M2. I have covered M1 helmets in earlier posts so I will not go into details here (see “Helmets II” & “Helmets III”).

First let’s take a look at the Navy flight helmet model NAF 1092. It is made of goatskin and lined with chamois leather



It was worn under the M1 helmet or on its own while training. In combat situations only the M1 was used, probably because the Paramarines never made an actual combat jump. The Navy Flight helmets can be found easily and most of the time rather cheap. But the ones issued to the Marine Corps were marked “USMC” on the back, those are harder to find and tend to fetch higher prices.



Close up of the buckle and chin cup



And now the full setup




I have been thinking about starting a Paramarine impression for a long time. It’s a rather expensive project and there are no repro Paramarine boots that I know of… so i’m still hesitating. Maybe 2013… 😉

WW2 photos:




The Paramarines were one of the few units to use the Johnson LMG





~ by m1pencil on December 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “WW2 USMC Helmets IV: Paramarine Helmet”

  1. Sounds pretty interesting, going to take some sweet time though huh dont you think m1pencil? I was also woundering the thompson is a tokyo marui base correct? and is it a fully functional airsoft gun with a batter and everything?

  2. Working with a US boot maker to produce the Paramarine, Raider, and boondocker with the correct shredded cord soles. We already have the Army Airborne Test Platoon boot sample built. Need as much info on the Paramarine boot as possible. All help welcome

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