Losses at Iwo Jima

You often read about the terrible loss of live on Iwo Jima, but those two photos are really “worth a thousand words”

1st Platoon in 1944


1st Platoon after Iwo Jima


Note UNIS tactical markings on the jackets, those guys must be 5th Marine Division. I think i can make out 2633 on the Jacket of the Marine front right: Corporal, 26th Marines, 3rd Battalion, H Company


~ by m1pencil on December 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Losses at Iwo Jima”

  1. Still, when you come to think of it, with all the due drama of course, of these attrition rates. Most of those vacant places can be due to light wounds, tranfers, etc. People like the famed first marines had sometimes up to a year of rear echelon life, had transfers home after three campaigns. Compare this with an average line infantry company on the eastern front. Where the guys there were in for the duration. The more you think about it but fighting on the pacific front was far less dangerous than an european meat grinder.

    • I tend to agree somewhat when looking at the American side, still depends when and where though. Looking at the Japanese side is different IMHO especially if you include China/Burma/India. The level of hatred between both sides was probably similar to the European eastern front.

      I guess in the end it was hell for the average guy on the ground no matter were he was 😦

  2. In actual numbers, the Army Air Corp had the most casualties from bombing Europe. They had more casualties the than the Pacific Marines and Navy forces combined.

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