US Navy M422A Flight Jacket


Some photos from my recent free time project. Bought a very beat up original US Navy M422A Flight Jacket for cheap. Condition was really dreadful, so i slowly restored it back to wearable condition. Usually I am not a big fan of restoring/reworking original items and think they should be left in as is condition. But in this case some parts had already been replaced/repaired so no worries about it. I’m not using the jacket for reenacting or display but for “normal” life πŸ˜‰

The collar was the biggest problem, the fur was in very bad condition and had to be completely replaced


Collar with new fur


Pencil slot in the left pocket, difference between the M422 and the M422A. Had to replace a few buttons, took me a while to find some that are rather close to the originals. Not 101% correct but this jacket will not be used for display anyways.


New fur, some new buttons, mending, treating the leather, adding a VF3/VF6 “Felix” patch for fun… done!


The M422A was adopted in 1941 by the US Navy and the USMC. Here are three photos of M422As in wear



nice office πŸ™‚


After some weeks of use in “extreme” conditions (night life, office, walking the dog…) it still holds up great, seems like it has some more years of life in it! πŸ˜€


~ by m1pencil on December 26, 2012.

7 Responses to “US Navy M422A Flight Jacket”

  1. After this posting, I wanted one too. I got a little crazy, and now I have three.

  2. I have just been given my grandfathers m422a,It has the us flag on the inside left and a Chinese flag and writing on the left side… Looking for information on this

  3. Hi Darren,what you are describing sounds like a “bllod chit” patch

  4. Jakcet have replaced zipper.

    • Yep, as I wrote the jacket was very beat up + already had some parts replaced. So I had no worries about pimping it a bit further πŸ™‚

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