Japanese Type II Submachine gun


Another cool looking gun from the weird world of Japanese WW2 weapons. The Type II experimental 8mm Submachine gun, it was designed by Kijiro Nambu and featured an airlock buffer arrangement which could be used to adjust the rate of fire. It’s predecessor featured a 50(!) round magazine extending from the pistol grip. The later version (of which several variants existed) used a more practical 30 round mag but probably never saw combat use.  One was found by British troops in a Japanese HQ in Singapore. Here is an excerpt from the report (click to enlarge):



A Type II is also pictured in the book “Imperial Japanese Army and Navy Uniforms & Equipment“, it is stated that less than 50 of this specific variant were produced.

Of course there is no airsoft version of such a rare submachine gun, but a guy in Japan has built a cool looking custom one. Here is a pic of it in comparison to a Maruzen MP5K


For a view of the internals and building process click here. The site is worth browsing around as there are many really nice custom & airsoft projects to be seen!


~ by m1pencil on January 20, 2013.

3 Responses to “Japanese Type II Submachine gun”

  1. Do you by any chance know which manga that last pic was taken from? 😉

  2. very interesting!

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