Buzz Rickson’s


Another super cool brand from Japan: Buzz Rickson’s. Named after the character played by Steve McQueen in “The War Lover” Buzz Rickson’s focuses mainly on high-end reproductions of classic military clothing. They are mostly known for their awesome flight jackets.  Similiar to THE REAL McCOY’S their attention to detail is fascinating and the prices are very high. 👿



Will feature a few interesting Buzz Rickson’s items (from my wardrobe 😉 ) in future posts. In the meanwhile check out their website

~ by m1pencil on February 14, 2013.

3 Responses to “Buzz Rickson’s”

  1. I think ” Buzz Rickson ” makes some really choice gear, but you have got to be a rockstar to afford it. Bearing that in mind, it does provide incentive to become a rockstar.

    • 😆 😎 Yeah I know what you mean, the prices are crazy, especially if you buy from a shop outside of Japan. If you are not afraid of importing you should check out Rakuten, there you can buy some Buzz Rickson’s stuff at the regular Japanese prices (and then Yen has been dropping in value too). Still high priced, especially the Jackets. But their stuff is built to last, so it will be at least a good long term investment.

  2. I own a lot of buzz products and with some looking you can find some good deals on the used market, I have a buyer in Japan that is always on the hunt for me!

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