Marine Corps Scouts on Iwo Jima pic

Cool photo of two recon guys on Iwo Jima. Interesting to see that no leggings are worn, the pants are simply stuffed into the socks. They guy on the left wears a Navy shoulder holster for the Victory Model .38 Revolver.


Check out the custom made knuckle knife. At first I thought an Arisaka Bayonet was used to make it, but it seems it is based on a British Lee-Metford Bayonet!


~ by m1pencil on May 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “Marine Corps Scouts on Iwo Jima pic”

  1. When did the troops change their white undershirt of the green one?

    • I think it was in 1944. But you can still see white shirts in use after that from time to time, even though Marines tried to darken the white shirts in various ways before the introduction of the green one.

  2. How hard is it to get a hold on one of those knuckle knifes?

    • I think the regular M1918 knuckle knives are not that rare (still expensive though), but be careful they are illegal to own in many countries! I don’t have one for this reason.

      The one in the pic is a custom made one, never seen this type for sale.

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