USMC Guadalcanal Airsoft


Some pics from a recent game day. Went for an USMC early war / Guadalcanal impression. Here we go:





Beautiful day and fresh mountain water, doesn’t get much better 😀


~ by m1pencil on May 21, 2013.

15 Responses to “USMC Guadalcanal Airsoft”

  1. Applause!

  2. Damn you need to get some suntan going. xD
    What kind of shirt is that?

    • It’s the shirt of the USMC Summer Service uniform. There are also matching pants. In the beginning of the Guadalcanal campaign this was worn by most Marines. Later on more and more P41s

  3. What make are your socks and T-shirt? Original or reproduction?

  4. I have the green T-shirt but notice that most period photos have white ones contrary to what one would think regarding camo values. I notice that the white one is getting sold at ATF for 20 bucks. What makes this one so special when at your local wardrobe shop these might go for four times less? Some special cut?

    • Thin fabric, open neck… there are a few things that separate the ATF reproduction from “regular” white t-shirts. I think they are quite good.

  5. Hey, would like to share with you a pic from us. You keep on helping with inspiration for our airsoft matches. Today our Usmc team, while lesser in numbers, overan our foes 🙂

    To bad I can not use [img] code here. Just follow the link

    • Very nice!!! It’s funny for my next game I planed an early war BAR gunner impression too 🙂

      Just one thing, I would ditch the carry handle for WW2

  6. Looks great. Even the Hawley liner. Nice.

  7. My Dad was there and New Georgia, Mailata, Kolambangara, santa Cristobal, Santa Isabel, Florida Island, Tulagi, ..Scout Sniper (Scouts Platoon) and anti-aircraft gun with 11nth Defense Battalion. Many Reconnaissance patrols on enemy islands. Sniping etc.

  8. This is what inspired my guadalcanal impression that I’m still completing. Did you use your original fiber liner for this or repro? And if repro from where? Thanks!

    • Hi, its a repro Hawley liner. I bought it from a guy in the UK some years ago, I do not know if he still makes those. Maybe try IIRC they had Hawley repros as well.

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