ICS M1 Garand Part 1


Garand, AEG… finally!! Bought an ICS M1 Garand recently, didn’t have the chance to play with it yet. Here are my first impressions


Externally there are a few things wrong. Maybe I am overly critical after waiting years for an AEG Garand, but some of the mistakes could really have been avoided easily. The stock is slightly bigger than a real one making the Garand look a bit “fat”. Maybe that is due to the fact that they had to squeeze the gearbox and motor in it and the wood would have ended up too thin otherwise


The sling swivels look funny, they are too big. I will try to replace those with real steel ones in the future. Here is a pic of the front one


The trigger guard is the (very?) late WW2 / postwar type. Come on guys?! WTF!



Metal parts are OK, most seem to be painted in semi gloss black which looks a bit toyish, that should get better after some use. Pulling back the charging handle gives access to the hop up


The gas cylinder should be more or less flush with the barrel, on the ICS Garand there is a ~3 mm gap between the two. This makes it impossible to fit a Bayonet!


The stock plate is cosmetically also a bit off. You can also see the ugly rear swivel


The battery compartment is smaller than I would have expected considering the size of the stock. I did not manage to fit a large type battery in it, maybe it can be done with a bit more effort but I was worried about damaging the cables inside.


The magazine, capacity is 42 rounds.They are bigger then the real 8 round clips. ICS mag on the right, rubber dummy clip on the left for comparison


I tried squeezing the magazines in a cartridge belt but it does not work well, you can not close the flap anymore and getting the mag out again is tricky and takes too much time.


The base plate can be taken of, this makes the magazine smaller and they do fit in the belt. Looks a bit bulky but it works. Not sure though if I want to do that in a game since too much dirt might get inside the gun.




The mags do fit inside the bandoleer without modification though, guess that’s where I will put mine


The wood is a bit on the light side but should look really nice once it is treated with a few layers of linseed oil


Now to more positive things, the internals. MOSFET, 8mm bearings, CNC steel gears… Did some indoor testing and also shot a few cans. Everything worked very nice so far! good power, accuracy and range. This is finally (hopefully 😉  ) a Garand that you can actually play with! Yeah!



Final verdict on performance will follow after I have abused it in a few games of airsoft :mrgreen: For now I would say it is the opposite of the Marushin M1 Garand, Looks so-so but performance seems to be good

~ by m1pencil on July 8, 2013.

14 Responses to “ICS M1 Garand Part 1”

  1. Great review! Any chance to be able to change that swivel and trigger guard for real deal surplus? Would you think that with some field work the bayonet could end up fitting? Can not wait to read your after-the-battle review.
    Btw…Since I can not find a way of contacting you outside of the comment section. The whole logging in process is a nightmare here. Again and again my password gets invalidated and I have to reset it. And then I find out that my email is also attached to a name I have never used “xdtexon44”. I hope all this might be sorted out one day.

    • Hi,

      Swivels maybe, I will try to fit those in the near future. Don’t own a real steel trigger guard but from pics I would say it is not possible. I actually forgot to include the photo of the ICS trigger guard and have now edited my post.

      Bayonet is tricky, You would have to change the front assembly of the Garand. Maybe it would be easier to modify the crossguard of the bayonet.

      Logging in is never a problem for me, strange… 😦 it is nothing I can influence since it’s all done by “wordpress”

  2. To bad about the bayonet..would have looked good. But then, who knows if this metal is strong enough to even hold it without breaking off.
    Still, IMHO, it would be good if you would set up some way of contacting you outside of the open comment section. :-).

  3. I have put 10,000 plus rounds through my ICS Garand with no issues whatsoever although initially I had some feed issues with the first few shots. This for some reason went away on its own. The magazines claim a 42 round capacity but 32is the most I have ever been able to load in any of the 10 clips I have. (no big deal to me as I think reloading is part of the deal.). The stock indeed takes an additional linseed stain and darkens nicely. i filled the gap in the front gas assembly and ” aged” the look convincingly with little effort. An actual gas assembly from a RS Garand can be modifiedt to fit for those needing perfection and the ability to mount a bayonet. The hokey butt plate can be painted in a way that disquises how it is over sized. (paint it a lighter metallic shade leaving a small black “seam” and it will look much better. The butt plate on a Garand was a softer metal then the receiver group and barrel and quickly turned a lighter shade so this works well visually. i love this airsoft gun and it has become my favorite all time airsoft gun. very strong shooter, accuarate and solid.

    • Hi John, thanks for your comment! Have used the Garand in many games now and It has become one of my all time favorite airsoft guns as well. While it has some flaws externaly it’s a real shooter, love it!

      Interesting that on yours the feed issue went away on its own. I had this issue too recently and was thinking that is was a problem with the mags or BBs.

  4. There seems to be some sensitivity to different batteries as some people have reported a tendency to fire full auto. I have never had that issue and others upon switching batteries said it went away. With a dremel and extension it is quite easy to hollow out the battery channel a bit to facilitate a larger battery but take care not to weaken the stock too much. I find that now I have to pad the battery with a small cleaning rag to keep it from rattling around. I use a small 9.6 regular nihm battery. I hollowed the channel top to bottom, not side to side.

  5. would you be able to fit a real ww2 walnut stock and handguards on it?

    • Hi, sorry I haven’t tried and do not know. I would guess the stock would have to be modded quite a bit since the ICS dimensions are quite off.

      • I recently completed the inletting of two actual M1 Garand stocks for M14 gearboxes and it was an enormous amount of work. For the ICS an actual Garand stock would be way too small. Hand guards and an actual front gas assembly could be used and was done by a fellow on the US WW2airsoftproboards site in the Armory DIY forum.

  6. Is the rear-sight removable ?

  7. so you absolutely can not place a bayonet on it?

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