ICS M1 Garand Part 2


Here is a quick after action report. One full day of airsoft with the ICS M1 Garand. After the a bit disappointing first impressions  it was a pleasant experience. Used 0.25 BBs and a 9.6v battery, out of the box range, response, accuracy are all nice! Not the super best airsoft gun I ever used but a very solid performance. Managed to get about ~35 shots out of the mags. I tortured the Garand all day long and did not experience a single malfunction, jam or misfeed, cool! 😀

So far I’m happy with the Garand, if long-term reliability is good it should be a winner. I will write a more detailed “Part 3” after I used it in a few more games.


~ by m1pencil on July 15, 2013.

8 Responses to “ICS M1 Garand Part 2”

  1. Hello again. Our group is waiting for one we have ordered for field trials hahaha.
    Given that we still have to fight mostly against automatics. How does it handle in such situations? Are you doomed to play sniper and ambusher or does the rate of fire allow you some assaulting? How about penetration power for people behind bushes? I read it comes at 380 fps out of the box, true that?

    • Hi, Same here usually face 95% full auto. The Garand is not slow like a bolt action rifle, ROF is good and adequate to suppress. Mag capacity is OK too, so no problems playing a bit more aggressive. I almost never play sniper. I measured around 390~400 FPS out of the box

  2. Hello,
    We had today a great match trying out or new ICS Garands. Its was 30 of us but these despicted are the USMC section. Sadly three of us could not attended.

  3. I have noticed quite some shade differences between different vendors with the P41 utilities. ATF and SoF were selling theirs with a green bluish shade which I find spot on, while WW2Impressions is much darker as other “cheaper” Ebay types. I have always seen Impressions as quite dedicated to their product. Any idea who has it wrong, if any?

    • IMHO there is no one 100% correct shade, I have compared dozens of originals and there is really no consistent colour. Especially after use/dirt/fading there are big differences. Always found the WWII Impressions & ATF ones quite good colour wise (my personal preference being the WWIIImp colour, takes quite long to fade but turns out very close to many originals). Maybe there are differences in the production runs?
      The only ones that really stood out were the cheap repros that were in a very dark brownish green.

  4. Sorry to leave a comment on such an old post, but wondering your impressions of this gun several years on. I’m considering buying one but want to make sure there’s no better alternative, even with the new ones that have recently been released (G&G, and now A&K it seems). Any thoughts? I’m concerned about the magazines not fitting into a cartridge belt (that’s rather annoying) but I’d likely just carry a bandolier.

    • I still really like the ICS Garand, it is a very reliable and well working airsoft gun, only trouble I ever had was a quirky magazine. And I used it alot! Externaly the G&G is better, it also worked very well so far but I haven’t used it often enough for a final verdict on reliability. Here is a bit on the G&G if you have not already seen it. Hopefuly I can post a part 2 later this year.

      I have no experience with the A&K Garand, from the pictures it looks like a copy of the G&G?

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