ATF M1907 Sling


I mostly used original M1907 slings in the past but was looking for a good reproduction sling to replace them for reenacting / airsoft. After some research I ended up buying the repro sling from “At the Front”.  It is their second generation sling, now manufactured by themselves. The first generation was supplied by SM Wholesale. Compared to other repros they price is rather hefty ($59.99 😯 ), but the quality you get is exceptional. This reproduction is very good, I really like it when a manufacturer goes over the top in recreating even small details (usually a Japanese thing 🙂 )

The sling is “Made in USA” and comes packed in simple brown paper


The leather is of great quality and will look very nice once treated with neatsfoot oil (more on that below). No comparison to the crappy painted leather used on many cheap repros.



Correct thickness


Hardware is parkerized and looks spot on, they are thick like originals and the hooks have the correct bend. The earlier version of the M1907 sling featured brass hardware, but both versions can be seen in use during WW2. Back ATF repro, front original sling with brass hardware


On to the neatsfoot oil, it will protect the leather and keep it smooth. This is the way original slings were treated.


After one light coat of neatsfoot oil. The sling starts to turn dark and begins to look really nice, with use, exposure to sun and more coats of neatsfoot oil I’m sure it will look very close to a real one.


Early M1907 sling at the bottom. It is now very dark from oil and use but is still going strong after 70+ years!


This goes for holsters and other leather items as well, they were oiled and this made them dark. Not some ugly-looking coat of paint! Also neatsfoot oil will often not work on painted slings as the paint keeps the oil from entering the leather.

In case you need replacements for original slings the keepers are also available individually from ATF


~ by m1pencil on August 19, 2013.

8 Responses to “ATF M1907 Sling”

  1. Hey! You’re back! 😀 Been reading through your entire blog a couple of times, waiting for a new update. A nice clearing of info and neat stuff in this jungle we call the internet!
    Speaking of the M1907 sling… How’s your ICS Garand holding up? Even though it has some irritating external flaws I’m extremely interested in picking one up for my Vietnam advisor and just started Merrill’s Marauders impression. 🙂

    • Hi, yeah sorry, sometimes my updates are a bit slow (work and “normal life” keeps distracting me from the important stuff 😉 ). The ICS Garand is holding up great so far, just used it again this weekend and it is a very nice gun. I play it “out of the box” and so far do not feel the need to upgrade anything . Did not encounter a single problem in a game yet!

      Good luck with your impressions! 😀

  2. Have you considered the Triple K sling from Cabelas? It’s cheaper, and has the brass frogs, but is it not “authentic” looking enough? just wondering. I’m trying to find a cheap sling for my Norinco 1897 Trench gun clone, but I am turned off by a $60 sling that’s not a Turner sling.

    • I was looking for a sling that is as close to an original one as possible, in the end it came down to either the Turner or the ATF sling. Went for the ATF.

  3. At the Front sells very good stuff indeed. We just received a big order from there as we are recruiting three more volunteers for the USMC airsoft impression. Apparently this fall they will have new HBTs in stock.

  4. What do you think about their overseas made M-1907 slings?

  5. Do you think that it’s superior to the Turner in build and accuracy?

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