Alamo Scouts “The Great Raid” Impression


A few photos of the gear I used for the last airsoft game I attended. Alamo Scout “Cabanatuan Prison Camp Raid”, 1945.

The Raid at Cabanatuan (aka The Great Raid), was the rescue of more than 500 Allied POWs from a Japanese prison camp near Cabanatuan City in the Philippines. It is usually associated with the 6th Ranger Battalion but the Alamo Scouts played an important role in the rescue too. They arrived near the camp ahead of the Rangers and gathered info on enemy troop strength, gun positions and more. They also participated in the attack on the camp and helped evacuating POWs to friendly lines.

Nothing really special about the equipment, with the scouts it was more “the man, not the gear” πŸ˜‰
Army HBTs, pretty basic webbing, Cap…


The weapon of choice for the Alamo Scouts was usually the M1A1 Carbine, one of the few missions were this was different was the “Cabanatuan Raid”. Here they were “armed to the teeth” for Alamo Scouts standards: M1 Garands, Grease Guns, Thompsons, Pistols and Carbines can all be seen. Guess they were expecting a heavy firefight.



The scouts infiltrated behind enemy lines ahead of the Rangers during the night of January 27th


Preparing for the night attack 😑



Cool photo of Alamo Scouts after returning from the raid. Middle of front row is team leader Bill Nellist , note the wide array of weaponry


Another post raid photo, haven’t found it in higher resolution unfortunately


Rangers and Filipino Guerrillas returning from the mission, lots of happy faces πŸ™‚


Liberated POWs



On side note: Discovered the first weak point of the ICS Garand. There is a tiny grub screw that holds the front assembly in place. It just can’t take the pressure of prolonged use, especially if the rifle hangs from your shoulder on a sling. The grub screw just pushes against the barrel to keep the assembly in place, there is no notch for it in the barrel. Nothing too serious, just had to screw it in place again. But I’m sure this will happen again, maybe I will drill a small hole in the barrel and buy a slightly longer grub screw to get rid of this problem.


~ by m1pencil on September 15, 2013.

13 Responses to “Alamo Scouts “The Great Raid” Impression”

  1. Great article, impression and review of the garand! You should show some of your impressions at the “Living history – show your impressions” FB group. There are plenty of knowledgeable people there as I have seen.
    I am thinking of setting up a PTO early army impression with the early HBT model which looks great in movies like the Thin Red Line. They also seem to have kept using this uniform well into late 43 and beyond. Looks like the cargo pocket later version is very 1944ish. What are your thoughts?

    • My understanding is that the first pattern HBTs were used until the end of the war, though the 2nd pattern becomes predominant from late 43/44 onwards. Probably would come down to researching the specific unit/timeframe you want to portray. In general I don’t think you can go wrong with a 1st pattern.
      I will check out the FB page, thanks! πŸ™‚

  2. HBT’s, reproduction or real? If Repro – what brand?

  3. I was enjoying the article, but then I wasn’t able to see the pictures because several of them were too small. Is there any way you could enlarge them?

  4. Its really “funny” when you can go to ebay and get HBT sets for under $40. Its quite some times cheaper than repros. Many of our group wear consistently originals in their matches. Feels like folks must have felt in the 70’s with german gear.
    Our second ICS Garand has just arrived and after field testing them we find it needs some tweeking. We will change the barrels for more precision, a better spring and a new hop-up. Will keep you posted. These babies need all the help they can get in that full automatic enviroment. We have also finished work with our VFC BAR making it a truly deadly machine in the field. To bad about their small mags that give you only a few good burst before having to turn the bottom charging wheel.
    Have you had a chance to check out that FB group I suggested you?
    Here two shot from two of us last saturday.

    No chance for a [img][/img] code here?

  5. Yep some originals are cheaper then repros, especially true for HBTs πŸ˜‰ Sometimes though I want to retire my originals and use repros for gaming. I am currently on vacation, so not much time for FB (yet) πŸ˜‰ Cool shots of you guys, I really need to find a way so other guys can post images here! What “did you do” to the VFC BAR?

  6. Hey M1 Pencil, what is that pouch hanging from your left hip, in front of the canteen? I’ve never seen that before. Thanks, ERIK

  7. I have one more question, and I will not bother you for another year: Will it carry multiple 1911 magazines?

    • The pouch has several internal compartments separated by cloth dividers, so this might be difficult. I own originals were the dividers have been removed, then it should be possible to fit some 1911 mags inside (only own airsoft 1911 mags, so I can not say for sure).

  8. Are the pants modified and if so what did you do to them or whats different? Seams to be rigger modified? Thanks again M1

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