Now that winter is coming it’s a good time to post some fun pics from my recent trip to Crete 😎


Good food, beer, ouzo and sun… yeah! But being a WW2 and history nerd I wanted to check out a few museums as well, hoping to see some “Battle of Crete” stuff. As it turned out the really interesting ones were several hours away. Too bad… Only one rather small museum was somewhat close, the Historical Museum of Crete


I knew the small WW2 section was on the fourth floor, so first up were three floors of ceramics, sculptures and various other items related to Cretes history.

Glass and clay hand grenades, reminded me of the Japanese last ditch grenades


Now that is an awesome grip!!



OK on to the 4th floor, an annoying one and a half hour bus ride, several hours of persuading “the woman” that we have to go see “boring old helmets” instead of chilling at the beach…



…and after about 2 minutes… power failure!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


Took some snap shots using the mobile phones flashlight before the security guy asked us to leave. They told us it would take several hours to get the power back working so they were closing for the day… f@#k




Felt like drinking two liters of this:


At least I found some cool airsoft stuff in a small shop nearby, “It isn’t a really gun” 😀


~ by m1pencil on October 11, 2013.

3 Responses to “Crete”

  1. looks fun!

  2. Hey man was just wondering if this cap would do the job like that one, with the turned up brim,443

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