ICS M1 Garand Swivel Pimping


I strongly dislike the look of the ICS swivels, they are way off and look plain ugly. Bought real steel swivels and tried to replace them.

Rear: real steel left, ICS right


I thought it might be tricky but it was actually very easy. There is long screw holding it in place, the real steal one won’t work but surprisingly you can use the ICS one. Looks much better now:


Also thought about replacing the butt plate but the dimensions of the ICS stock & butt plate are so off that it would require major modifications. Decided that it is not worth the effort. Left ICS parts, right real steel.


Front: ICS left, real steel right


Again the real steel screw won’t work, too short. But the ICS screw will.


You can see that it is not a tight fit, maybe I will add some washers to stop the swivel from dangling around. Still looks miles better than the XXXXXL ICS swivel.


Conclusion: No mods needed to replace the swivels, you won’t even need the real steel screws. For a few bucks you can easily improve the look of your Garand 🙂

~ by m1pencil on October 13, 2013.

17 Responses to “ICS M1 Garand Swivel Pimping”

  1. Where did you get those pieces? Might aswell follow your lead here.

    • Bought most of those from a guy in Italy who used to sell lots of surplus Garand parts. The swivels are not rare at all, you can find many on eBay (especially .com), cheap too.

  2. Did the same but used the swivels off of my Marushin Garand.

  3. I received my original pieces and have installed them already. Good point about the washers to keep the front swivel from bouncing around. I have also stripped down the ugly color it came with and repainted it all with nice lindeseed oil. Have installed a new precision barrel, upped the fps to 450 with a new spring and a new hop up. I only need to try this upgraded baby out!

  4. i too discovered that the real butt plate won’t fit so in an effort to hide the oversized, bulbous look of the ICS stock I masked off the butt plate area extending the masking tape slightly into the butt plate and painted the exposed portion of the butt plate in a mettalizer pewter finish with a slight black wash once the mettalizer was dry. When you remove the masking tape it leaves what appears to be a thin black gap between the butt plate and the stock leaving what looks like a thinner more authentic looking butt plate. I find the slightly larger gap appearance far less objectionable and as you can see in your photo of the actual butt plate this area on a real Garand quickly lightens up and loses its dark finish quite quickly. For the gas assembly area I inserted a thin strip of ABS into the silly gap and resin pasted it in place insuring that the gas assembly can still slide off the barrel. I also painted the entire gas assembly in the same stainless mettalizer paint (hobby shop purchase) that I used on the butt plate as this portion of an actual fielded Garand quickly lost its dark finish. The contrast against the black barrel looks quite authentic and adds a lot to the appearance of the replica. interestingly the locking lug area of the gas assembly tended to get even lighter then the gas assembly so I added a black wash over all of the gas assembly except that area. Back in the receiver area and sights I applied slivers of silver paint to simulate wear. The end result is a film quality replica of a fielded weapon. Like most WW2 fans I wish ICS had replicated an early war weapon with the single slot locking bolt, proper trigger housing and perhaps sight locks but those are all nitpicks for an otherwise awesome airsoft gun.

  5. I can send you pictures of my modifications to peruse (or use) if you’d like. Incidently i dremeled two small pinch points in the stock to facilitate quicker reloads although some may find that too visually distracting. I skirmish with the gun so every little functional edge helps when going against the spray and pray crowd.

  6. The efforts camouflage quite nicely some of the infidelities of the ICS. Really starting to wonder when (and even IF ) GnG is ever going to come out with their AEG Garand.

  7. Would love to see those pics too. Could you please send me some to dani88 (a t ) hotmail.com?

  8. Have you tried to replace the gas cylinder ?
    I was considering the idea to make my M1 look wheathered, by changing all the ics fabbrics parts, with original garand’s !
    Do you think the gas cylinder it will fit, or is gonna need some modification ?!
    Cheers. Eddie

    • Hi Eddie, sorry I do not know if an original gas cylinder will fit 😦
      My guess would be that is does not fit without modifications

    • It very well may fit but they are quite expensive (for the complete assembly) and I found if you fill the ugly gap (I used a small strip of abs and resin epoxy) and then paint it in an appropriate somewhat lighter stain then the barrel it looks quite good.

      • I will try, i did found cylinders for about 40 $ aroubd ebay… ill keep you guys informed !

        • My fear is that with everything else slightly oversized and demensionlly off the gas cyclinder will look too small on an ICS even if it fits on the barrel.

          • My plan is to fully convert the garand with real garand parts, as mutch as possible, so we are talking about all the outside shape if is possible. Trying to take airsoft to high level 😀

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