FSSF Airsoft 2013


Getting colder… back to FSSF gear! A few photos from the last weekend. Went for a somewhat generic FSSF “Italian Mountains” impression. Gear wise nothing über fancy but compared to some other WW2 stuff very practical & comfortable. The basics are M43 Jacket, Mountain Trousers, Wool Shirt, Jump Boots…


I really love the Mountain Trousers and the M43 Jacket, both are very well designed in my opinion.


What is that weird “scarf thingy”? It is actually a balaclava that i pulled down when it became to hot, works well to protect your throat from nasty BBs. Quite many can be seen in use by Forcemen during the Italian campaign.



Doing what I do best 🙂


Oh my god! Tiger tracks!   😯    😉


Some artsy fartsy stuff to conclude this post :mrgreen:


~ by m1pencil on October 25, 2013.

6 Responses to “FSSF Airsoft 2013”

  1. Where simple m1937 wool trousers iddued ?

  2. Hi, i would like ask to your trousers. You have replicas?

  3. Thank you. 🙂

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