Giretsu Kuteitai Footage


Since I am making (sloooooow) progress on my Giretsu Raider Impression I thought it’s a good time to repost a very cool video clip. It shows Giretsu Raiders preparing for their mission.

The Giretsu Kuteitai were a Japanese last-ditch special attack unit formed from Army paratroopers. There mission was to crash land on American held airfields and cause as much damage there as possible,  main objective was the destruction of airplanes. Since there was no way to extract the paratroopers it was a suicide mission.

Click here to watch the video

They used modded uniforms and equipment, often camouflaged by hand. Detailed info on the Giretsu Kuteitai is scarce so this video is a real gold mine.

More on the bits and pieces of gear for this impression later 🙂

~ by m1pencil on December 17, 2013.

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