The Fighting Seabees


The Fighting Seabees is a 1944 movie directed by Edward Ludwig. Silly as hell, but that does not have to be a bad thing 😀 crack a few beers and enjoy pure corniness starring John Wayne and Susan Hayward. I find it cool that a rather obscure movie like this one gets a Blu-ray release! Maybe there are still a few John Wayne fans out there 😉


Synopsis from Olive Films:

Director Edward Ludwig (Wake of the Red Witch) and his star John Wayne (Big Jim McLain) teamed up for the first time in this sprawling, action-packed saga with Wayne as the head of a construction company building military sites for the Navy during World War II. After suffering the loss of many men after a Japanese attack, Wayne heads to Washington and helps establish the “C.B.s” (Construction Battalions), units of armed builders. The Fighting Seabees offers an entertaining combination of strong supporting performances by Dennis O’Keefe (T-Men), William Frawley (TV’s I Love Lucy and My Three Sons) and ravishing soon-to-be-superstar Susan Hayward (I Want to Live!) with exciting big budget action sequences that turned this war and romance saga into a box office bonanza.

~ by m1pencil on January 31, 2014.

2 Responses to “The Fighting Seabees”

  1. I had a good laugh while watching this movie with friends of mine. Special mention goes toward the grotesque japanese tank driver faces, taken straight out of the best Nipper cliches of the time. A good period movie to see, thats for sure. 😀

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