Imon-Bukuro “Comfort Bags”


Imon-Bukuro (Comfort Bags) were care packages for Japanese soldiers. They would contain various items such as food, candies, letters of encouragement, daily necessities, paintings from school kids and even senninbari (1000 stitch belts). Families or patriotic women’s organizations would pack the bags and after inspection they would be sent to front line soldiers. As the war progressed and the situation in Japan deteriorated the contents became less luxurious and it became more and more difficult to deliver Imon-Bukuro. Japan lost the control of the sea and skies and what transportation was still available (and possible) was used for high priority goods like ammunition.

The bags were mostly made of cotton or artificial rayon and came in almost endless varieties. Many would be self-made at home but they were also available in shops for purchase.

Here is a beautiful mint example of a rather fancy one (click to enlarge). I think the design looks rather cool!


Obviously it is an Imon-Bukuro that was available commercially. It even still has all tags attached, price is denoted in the lower right corner, 26 Sen



If you look closely you can see that the child is holding up an Imon-Bukuro (慰問袋)


Some original photos




Imon-Bukuro happiness 😀



The propaganda machine was in full swing. Here is a wartime Imon-Bukuro song 😛

~ by m1pencil on February 22, 2014.

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