Outpost Warfare, USMC 1953 Impression


Finally got my lazy ass up for my first airsoft game in 2014. Full throttle crazy April weather! Snow and low temperatures until midday and by late afternoon most of the snow was gone?! Considering this it was a good decision to go for a USMC Korean War impression, had enough layers of clothing to adjust accordingly. 🙂

Here we go: 7th Marines, Jamestown line, 1953


Except for the body armor a fairly light weight outfit, when defending an outpost you don’t have to carry around tons of gear


Watch out for the Chinese snipers 😉



Snow snow snow… which turned into mud mud mud 👿


The Marushin M2 Carbine failed miserably and I had constant trouble with it. Ended up playing with the ICS Garand which except for some minor feedings issues performed excellent. Also had my Tokyo Marui 1911 with me for close quarters, an amazing pistol, it seems to never ever fail 🙂


My impression is based on the stalemate period of the Korean war. But “stalemate” is a bit of a misleading name as the outposts that screened the main line of resistance were the center of some really intense fighting between the Marines and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army. According to Lee Ballenger nearly 40% of all Marine Corps casualties were suffered during the stalemate phase.

Here are some photos that inspired my impression







Some cool body armor pics. I used an original late pattern M52 body armor, while I spotted some on a few late war photos the earlier patterns are far more common. Too bad they are very rare and f*#ing expensive (IF you can find one). Nothing I would use for airsoft XD




You may lose your life, but not your humor!





~ by m1pencil on April 25, 2014.

One Response to “Outpost Warfare, USMC 1953 Impression”

  1. Interesting, looks like Vietnam era.

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