1st Marine Division, 2nd Battle of Seoul, 1950 Impression


A few pics from the last game. Based my impression on the second battle of Seoul when the Marines retook the city.


House to house, room to room >:D




A game at 30+°C took it’s toll. I was quite exhausted by the end of the game day. If it stays this hot I will have to think of some super leight weigth PTO impression for the next one :mrgreen:


Some reference pics. Interesting to see that most Marines wear the P44 pants but still the P41 Jacket. Lots of Back Packs with attached E-tools, two pocket grenade pouches… It seems they carried quite a lot of gear even during the actual fighting (a geardos dream 😉 ).






Too bad I don’t have a tank 🙂



Here you can see a typical tactic employed by the Marines during the fighting in Seoul. A BAR gunner hammers an enemy position and once an enemy starts to move a sniper will take his shot.




~ by m1pencil on June 10, 2014.

4 Responses to “1st Marine Division, 2nd Battle of Seoul, 1950 Impression”

  1. You surely used a diferent weapon while the actual play, right? That Garand puts you at a distinct disavantage when playing against full automatics. Its greater power forbids its use in close quarters (mine shoots at 450 fps) such as buildings. Where are you carrying the bulky magazines? Any latest improvements on your ICS Garand?

    • Nope, used the Garand the whole day 🙂 Carried the mags in a bandoleer, for close quarters I had a Marui 1911 with me (both not on the photos).

      Garand performed fine, just the mags seem to be getting a little troublesome. Several times the BBs got stuck, not sure if it is the combination of BBs / mag or maybe the spring.

  2. Fantastic work

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