Dyer Brand Baseball T


I really buy too many shirts, how many does one need?!?!  XD Well anyways, here is one of my latest acquisitions, a nice “Dyer Brand” baseball t.

What they say about themselves: “Dyer Brand is a menswear and surfboard manufacturing company based in San Diego California. It was started in 2010 by Mason Dyer with one mission; to make better functioning better looking goods at a fair price in the United States. Inspired by a mixture of military, surf and hot rod styles. Form and function are equally incorporated into each product.”


The WW2 inspired logo is just too cool, so I couldn’t say no 🙂

Here is an ad from the February 1944 issue of LIFE magazine, not difficult to spot the connection


While one might think that “Tank-Eating Tiger!” relates to the infamous German heavy tanks it is actually the insignia of US Tank Destroyer forces during World War 2 😉

Check out their website: dyerbrand.com

~ by m1pencil on July 23, 2014.

One Response to “Dyer Brand Baseball T”

  1. Nice! The owner also has a great military jacket collection!

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