Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises)


Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) was the final film by legendary director Hayao Miyazaki before his retirement in 2013. Hayao Miyazaki wrote and directed the movie, animation was done by Studio Ghibli.

The movie tells the fictionalized biography of aircraft designer Jiro Hirokoshi who designed the famous Zero fighter. To put it short: Kaze Tachinu is a masterpiece! A beautifully animated tragic story of love and war accompanied by a wonderful soundtrack. Perfect! GO AND SEE IT!


I feel that this is probbaly Hayao Miyazakis most personal movie, a combination of things are important to him: moral, pacifism (“Kaze Tachinu” can be seen as Miyazakis statement against the Japanese governments move to remove the war-renouncing Article 9 from the constitution) and historic planes. When Studio Ghibli was founded in 1985 he named it after the Caproni Ca.309 “Ghibli” WWII recon/transport plane. Now the Italian aircraft designer Caproni plays an important role in his final movie. “The circle is now complete” 🙂

Hirokoshi & Caproni


Caproni Ca.309 “Ghibli”


The Japanese Blu-ray edition of Kaze Tachinu is already available. It features an English dub and English subtitles. PQ and AQ are brilliant. Highly recommended!



~ by m1pencil on July 28, 2014.

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