USMC 1945 Airsoft


My pretty generic USMC 1945 “Okinawaish” impression from last weekends game. Was a good day with tons of BBs flying around 🙂


Decided it was time again for the good old Tokyo Marui M1A1 Thompson. A real workhorse, I bought my first many many years ago… still works 🙂

Jungle happy…


… and armed to the teeth 😉



Ready for Shuri Castle, Mount Suribachi… hell give me Mount Doom  >:D



~ by m1pencil on August 12, 2014.

21 Responses to “USMC 1945 Airsoft”

  1. Are there many Airsoft events anymore? I thought the WWII events kinda petered out?

    • From what I see pure WW2 events are a come and go, but in my area not less then in the past (have never been that many). And I go to a lot of “free for all” games.

  2. Really nice pics 🙂

  3. Where are you located? The terrain seems pretty nice.

  4. For a true Shuri castle impression, you will need a Confederate flag! 🙂

  5. Hey what trousers are those??

  6. What kind of mags are those? I see they’re the 20rd style, and I’ve only seen the Matrix hi-caps. Is that what those are, or are they mids?

    • They are custom, I changed the internals of hi-cap 20rd style mags to mid/low cap. I’m not a fan of high caps in general and even when using the Tokyo Marui ones feeding was mediocre.

      • Ahhh that’s awesome. You didn’t strike me as a hi-cap kind of guy, that’s why I was curious. Right on, keep up the good work!

      • Can you post a guide on how you did this? The lack of good 20rd-style midcaps for the Thompson is really annoying so would love to see how this was done.

        • When I dig out the Thompson next time I will open a mag and take some pics. It was so long ago that I forgot how exactly I did it 🙂

          • Sorry to continually spam your posts, but another thing that may be helpful to those of us who follow your blog is a picture of your webbing laid out on the ground to see exactly what kit you’re using. I’m particularly curious how you fit the 5-cell Thompson mag pouches onto your belt kits. In my experience it’s difficult to get one of those onto a belt rig that also has the (seemingly required) two canteens, jungle first aid kit, kabar, and (let’s face it) holster/pistol mag pouch!

            Here’s a photo of the rig I’ve used recently (you can tell how getting a Thompson pouch on there would be a difficult proposition):

            • No worries, always good to get feedback! I once did a IJA Mini Guide, maybe I can make something similar for USMC loadouts.

              Yes the 5-cells can be tricky if you carry lots of other pieces of equipment. Some put them on the backside (where you have placed the jungle first aid kit). I think many reenactors are carrying more stuff then the average guy back then (I’m often guilty of that too 🙂 ).
              The pistol is a good example, but for playing airsoft its often necessary, plus you need pouches with space for loaders and BBs…

              Ka-Bars were often worn on the trouser belt, that can help to safe space

            • Get an M3 holster and run the strap through the mag pouch. there’s pictures out there of it being done. Not super common but most people didn’t carry a pistol anyways. Or alternatively you can you a gas mask bag a a should pouch for you Thompson mags. There a number of photos on Saipan of marines doing that. until I can come across a screaming deal on an M1 or BAR I’m stuck with a Thompson too so I feel ya.

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