USMC Boondockers – WWII Impressions


Finally received the new WWII Impressions Boondockers about a week ago, have been waiting for what seems like ages for them to become available. They are quite expensive at $249,99 per pair but the first impressions are excellent and the price seems justified.


The highlight of the newย WWII Impressions Boondockers: FINALLY a boondocker repro with the correct raw corded sole! A W E S O M E ๐Ÿ™‚


The cord shreds are very visible from the sides and previous Boondocker repros only had regular soles. The only other boot that featured a raw corded sole is the THE REAL McCOY’S N-1, and it costs more than 3x as much as the WWII Impressions Boondocker.


I wonder who manufactures the boots for WWII Impressions, if I would have to guess it is maybe Corcoran?



Soles are obviously made by Dr.Sole, but in an exclusive style not available anywhere else.


Boots have the correct narrow / pointy shape. Here in comparison to an older ATF repro


Sizing: The seem to run a little large, maybe half a size


The Laces are basically OK but a bit on the fat side, I will replace those with original laces.


The only criticism I have is that construction is not always cosmetically perfect



I will make another post once I have tortured the boots for a while, let’s see if they are built to last ๐Ÿ™‚ For now it seems to be the best Boondocker repro out there!

Being an iconic piece of footwear many high end companies make “Boondocker” style boots (for example Viberg) but none of those aim for 100% correct replication of the original boot. They are more an interpretation of a classic design, that makes them (besides the price) uninteresting for reenactment or the hardcore WW2 USMC aficionado ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comparison to original Boondockers will also follow.



~ by m1pencil on October 26, 2014.

22 Responses to “USMC Boondockers – WWII Impressions”

  1. I have bought impressions’ stuff before and would love to get one of those boondockers and a pair of cordovans but the price is just beyond this world

    • I have thrashed a few pairs of boots over the years, some started to fall apart after a few months of heavy use. So I am willing to pay more for quality stuff that will last. If the WWII Impression boots proof durable it will make the price more reasonable. I will report back after my first island hopping campaign ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I read somewhere that Corcoran makes their Army roughouts, so you might be right that they also make the USMC boondockers for them. Thanks for yet another cool posting!

  3. Hey, are any of your repro boots comfortable enough to use for hiking/nature walking? As I’ve gotten older, my feet aren’t what they once were, but I really desire a pair of historically correct boots.

    • Hi, Most of the repros are pretty mediocre boots in my opinion. They will usually work for hiking but modern hiking boots in the same price range are better (though I do not have much experience with those). Maybe some good quality insoles would help?
      The WWIIImp boots are a step up from most other repros I used, after some breaking in I find them very comfortable. But I have not used them long enough for a final verdict yet.

  4. Another great post!
    I’ve had the ATF ones for several months now and wear them as everyday footwear. They’re quite comfortable, as I’ve got a big ‘ol insole in them, but I also had to do that because they are quite oversized. I wear a 10.5 US, but I ordered a 10 and they were still one-half to one size too big. They do have a few shortcomings, however (the laces of course, and some of the leather pieces are “weird” in their tanning and thickness, and they accidentally put an Army roughout rivet on the seam, and…well, etc.).

    • Thank you Steve! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well the the roughout rivet is…. naaaah ๐Ÿ˜ฑ My old ATF boots were decent but the WWIIImp boots are in a different league (they should be for 100+$ more). I will make a follow up post next year after I abused the WIIImp boots a bit more, also need to make a detailed comparison to original boots.

  5. I was also thinking of getting some of WWII Impressions Boondocker boots so it would be definitely good to see how these wear as they are loads cheaper than alternatives. How did the boots size verses your standard size? Also what laces are you going to swap them out for and did you grease them?

    • Hi,

      In my opinion they run quite large. I would recommend to downsize about half a size. It would probably also depend a bit on the width of your feet as the boots are quite tapered. You can also send an email to WWII Impressions and ask for sizing help, they are usually very helpful.

      I wanted to swap the laces that came with the boots for original laces but the originals I own all seem to be too short. Actually even the laces that came with the boots are too short!
      WWIIImp boots have 9 eyelets, which is acceptable (have seen 7 & 8 too, seems to depend on manufacturer and/or size?). I ended up buying laces that looked very close to originals but are a bit longer. Works fine now.

      I did not grease mine so far, will probably not do so. Undubbed boots were very common (if not the norm) with the Marines back then.

      • My understanding was that the Marines usually did NOT apply dubbing to their boots because it compromised the breathability of the leather (if you can call leather breathable!)

  6. Great stuff. I’ve got a pair myself and they’re really quite nice. As to the quality of the ATF boots, I had a pair that only lasted about two years. Granted, I used them quite a bit and didn’t really take care of them outside of applying dubbing once or twice. They actually got used more as work boots than anything else. I even climbed a 14,000ft / 4000m peak in Colorado with them!

    I was sad when they finally wore out… the vamp actually separated from the sole itself. I still have them, taped together with duct tape, bouncing around in the toolbox on my truck, usable in emergencies!

    The WWII Impressions repros are really top notch and definitely worth the money if you can afford it. I noticed some “finishing” imperfections, but nothing that will compromise the construction quality of the boot. The raw corded soles are what really sold me, as well as the rest of the “details” that weren’t correct on the ATF versions. They have a much better toe shape (pointed) than the almost square ATF boots.

    BTW, great blog, great posts, and great stuff – I am a big fan!

    • Thank you Ian! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Same here, the tapered shape and especially the correct sole sold me.
      Have used them quite a bit now and they are holding up great so far.

  7. I bought a pair of ATF boondockers, and was relatively happy with it, other than how incredibly floppy and thin the leather was. It hardly keeps its shape. How do the WWIIImpressions compare in thickness? I like my leather boots to have some flex, but the leather in these just seem… Weak. Although, that might be how they were made. I haven’t had the opportunity to fondle an original pair.

    • WWIIImpressions leather is a bit thicker and of better quality compared to my ATF boots. But my ATF boots are quite old, don’t know if the newer ones are different. Since these boots have no toe caps the toe section will always loose a bit of shape after heavy use. Same with originals.

      • Thank you. The soles on these are different from yours, using a more standard checker or diamond pattern. I think crosshatched might be the word. The day I received them, the leather felt like my old two-year-old el cheepo work boots from Walmart. They haven’t failed yet, but with the boots I’m used to wearing, it just feels like these are ready to disintegrate. The tongue is just a thin, flimsy piece of scrap leather, and the upper’s nape looks like it was manufactured to appear suede, rather than using actual rough leather. Even if they are a very comfortable set of boots, I can’t help my disappointment in the materials. Thanks for the information.

        • Yes many of the “reenactment repro boots” are a disappointment material wise :-/ The WWIIImp boondockers seems to be a positive exception, almost twice the price of the ATF boots though.

  8. How are the WWIIImp Boondockers holding up? How’s the comfort with prolonged wear?

    Looking forward to an update!

  9. Where did you manage to find original laces at 54″ long ? Everything I can find is 36″.

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