USMC Korean War Airsoft


Once more into the fray 😉 a few photos from last Saturday. USMC Korea early/mid war style, nothing super duper special, just some good old basics. Despite a few highlander clowns and a moron with a 400+ fps pistol it was a cool day.


Careful now, Norks are close 😀


First full game wearing the new WWII Impressions Boondockers, so far: great!


Nork tunnel? Who’s wants to go first :mrgreen:



Final pic, my specialty: sitting around 🙂



~ by m1pencil on November 10, 2014.

8 Responses to “USMC Korean War Airsoft”

  1. Lookin’ good, dude! I like the boots.

  2. really good job man 🙂

  3. Hi dude !

    I’m digging it ! 😉
    We (a little bunch of mad folks I mean, include myself!) are planning to set our first Korean War airsoft We in February NeXT year (february 2017) . And We have chosen the Chosin Reservoir battle of course !
    I intend to portray a Marine from the 1st so I have several questions:
    1) is a M50 OG 107 fiels jacket you are wearing on the pic ? And a P41 under ?
    2) which type of pant ? The Classic usmc ww2 p41 or the us hbt one ?
    3) even if they were wearing the Ovecoat parka M47 at Chosin, do you think I could match what you are wearing ? I’ve just bought a M50 field jacket from Korean war ……..thanks Bro !
    Aubrey from France!
    Of course you are welcome !

    • Hi!

      Thanks! 😀

      1) It is a M43 Field Jacket + M43 Field Jacket Hood. And a P41 Jacket + wool sweater beneath.
      2) P41 pants
      3) The correct parka for Chosin would be the USMC model parka (different from the Army parka). There are a handful photos of Marines just wearing field jackets, mainly at encampments. But the parka was used by the majority during the fighting/retreat

      Actually I planed to write a detailed “Chosin Gear Guide” a while ago. I wanted to take the photos for it in the snow but had to postpone the photo session several times and then the snow was gone… :-/

      • Hi Dude

        I’m here again. I was wondering which type of pants they wearing at The Chosin Battle ? I guess two one on a other? so the P44 and P41 which seem to be weird……only the P44 and a cold winter underwear?

  4. Thanks my friend for your answer! keep in touch

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