What Price Glory M1916 Holster


After seeing a buddys WPG holster at an airsoft game I decided that my old repro holster had to go… it was just too bad in comparison.

The “What Price Glory” holster currently costs $60. Thick leather and sturdy construction, here are some pics:






“out of the box” (it doesn’t come in one 😉 ) the holster is very tight. You have to break it in. Step 1: Wet form the holster

All you need is water and a plastic bag.


Wet the inside of the holster (no need to completely drench it!), wrap your airsoft 1911 in a plastic bag, shove it into the holster and let it dry. Your 1911 should now fit nicely.


Step 2: Oil the leather

I usually use neatsfoot oil for my gear. Special leather or boot oil can be used too but oldschool neatsfoot oil works very well and is cheaper.


I would recommend to apply only 1 coat (max 2) of neatsfoot oil to the holster before using it for a while. Again don’t drench the holster , one light coat of oil will usually suffice. It will initially look very dark but this will change after some time, let it rest for a few hours.

For comparison, the holster before oiling…


…and shortly after application of neatsfoot oil:


And that’s it! Now gear up and get ready for high noon 😱


~ by m1pencil on December 10, 2014.

5 Responses to “What Price Glory M1916 Holster”

  1. Man, I have been relentlessly ogling this holster and the ATF repro. I don’t know if the extra $20 is worth it, but I haven’t bought any yet. The WPG one does look REALLY nice, though…

    • The ATF holster looks very nice too. I would love to see one for direct comparison. Don’t think you can go wrong with either.

      By the way ATF offers two different M1916 holsters, a “Kirkman 1942” ($75) and a cheaper “Echo Brand” ($40) model. Judging from the photos on the ATF site the leather of the Echo holster looks inferior to the WPG leather (still better then a lot of other crap holsters though).

  2. m1pencil – hit me up, I’ll send you an ATF one to compare against if you post the results. I particularly like the ATF one over the WPG.

    • Wow that is a very cool offer! But I’m located in Europe so shipping might be a bit of a hassle & pricy…
      What in particular do you prefer over the WPG holster? Construction, leather, period correct details…? Thanks for your input & happy holidays! 🙂

  3. I own this Holster as well, check out my Blog Marines in Forest Green I have a photo of it attached to my Corpsman gear. I bought one for my Corpsman impression absolutely blown away with the quality of the Holster, it was $75 well spent. I still need to darken the leather. Don’t hesitate if you haven’t bought it yet, you won’t be disappointed. Like M1 said it makes the others look cheap in comparison.

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