Japanese “Meatball” flag captured by 6th Marines, Mortar Section Part 3


You may have read my earlier posts about the captured Japanese flag / 6th Marines mortar section. Here is another fantastic update thanks to Brandon Kleiner the grandson of one of the Marines.

His grandfather’s name on the flag:


And now meet Arthur Kleiner 😉



Unfortunately a blurry picture, the names of all three men are on the flag. From top to bottom: O’Reilly, A.O.Martin and Arthur Kleiner


Arthur Kleiner on Tarawa, he is the Marine marked with the red arrow


Photos taken off a Japanese soldier



Fellow Marines, click to enlarge



Celebration photo when he made it back home to the states


He is still alive today 🙂


Sure hunting rare items is a lot of fun, but to me this is what collecting is all about, preserving & learning from history and bringing it alive. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I had writing it, BIG THANKS again to Brandon and of course Mr. Arthur Kleiner 😀


~ by m1pencil on January 6, 2015.

5 Responses to “Japanese “Meatball” flag captured by 6th Marines, Mortar Section Part 3”

  1. Great story! When were silk vs. canvas Japanese flags made?

  2. Check out another great flag story at https://honortheveterans.com/veterans/wwii/projects/iwo-jima-flag-preservation/

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