Pendleton Code Talker Blanket


You may have heard of Pendleton, a family owned business making wool blankets for over 100 Years. Their blankets are of high quality and are inspired by Native American designs.

They released a special “Code Talker” blanket in 2012. The design honors the Navajo servicemen of World War 2 who used a code based on their language that could not be cracked by the Japanese. Certainly a better tribute then John Woos “Windtalkers”…  😵


Code talkers in action



Navajo Code Talkers signing a Pendleton blanket at a HBO event


Some details





I find it a rather obscure product for a more mainstream company like Pendleton and I totally dig it. It has been on my wish list for quite some time and I kept looking and looking for a reasonably priced one (some were going for 400+$ ?!?!). Then came one of those rare and weird eBay experiences, I put in a low bid for one, forgot about the auction and ended up winning it, haha 🙂

Now the woman can’t complain anymore that I bring so much “old military crap” home 🙂 “This time I bought a very nice Native American blanket for the living room” guess I will be all right until she sees the tank on it 😋



~ by m1pencil on January 21, 2015.

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