U.S. Marine Corps Scout-Sniper: World War II and Korea


“U.S. Marine Corps Scout-Sniper: World War II and Korea” by Peter R. Senich.

From Paladin Press: “The culmination of 20 years’ research, this is the most thorough account ever published of the training, equipment and combat experience of the scout-sniper during this important chapter in the history of U.S. Marine Corps sniping. Includes rare combat and training photos of scout-snipers in action.”

A good book about the USMC scout-snipers in World War 2 and Korea. It contains a lot of very detailed info about the rifles and various scopes + very interesting info on the decisions and trials behind the development of the Marine Corps sniper weapons. But unfortunately not so much on the USMC training, tactics and field experiences. There is also a short section about Japanese snipers which I found quite interesting (reinforcing my opinion that many of the Japanese riflemen that were referred to as snipers by Marines and G.I.s were not snipers in a classic sense but simply stragglers or riflemen assigned to harass the enemy. A bit like every German Tank being a Tiger 😉). Layout and structuring is a bit confusing, print quality of most photos is acceptable but not great. Still recommended, especially if you are interested in the rifles and scopes.

U.S. Marine Corps Scout-Sniper: World War II and Korea, 230 pages, softcover, ISBN: 978-1-58160-527-3


~ by m1pencil on February 1, 2015.

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