G&G Springfield M1903 A3


Weekend gave me some time for a little G&G Springfield write-up. G&G offers this gun in a Gas and a CO2 version. The only difference being the magazines that come with the gun (CO2 or Gas). I went for the Gas version but will buy CO2 mags later for comparison.


Build quality is good, everything fits well and it is made of real wood and metal. The trigger wobbles a bit but maybe that can be fixed. Bolt action is quite smooth and many bolt parts are made of steel (G&G seems to learn from mistakes, on their first generation K98ks poor metal parts on the bolt were a weak point).

Wood quality of the stock is pretty good, it feels a bit rough though and I do not like the grain structure too much. Should look better once treated with oils.


Rear sight is fully adjustable







The small switch is the mag release


Sling swivels. Note the weird shape of the handguard, haven’t seen this on any original.



Butt plate is of the smooth type. From what I understand this is not the correct model for an A3 rifle. You can open the trapdoor compartment (enough room for an emergency chocolate bar 😜)


The rifle comes with two mags and even includes a small nozzle extension that might be needed for some gas bottles. Nice! 🙂


Capacity is 9 rounds. Interestingly the “clip” can be separated from the body of the magazine. The magazines do not fit in WW2 cartridge belts or bandoleers, it would be cool if the clips would be available separately, you could carry a lot of those preloaded in belt & bandoleer.


Realistic safety. Switch on the left = ready. Switch on top = you can manipulate the bolt but can not fire. Switch on the right = safe, no bolt movement, no trigger. You have to complete one bolt cycle before you can engage the safety.



If you move the On/Off switch to a midway position you can easily remove the bolt (like on a real Springfield).


And now for an important info that was inexplicably omitted from the manual.  To access the hop up the manual says you have to push here…


… thus revealing the hop adjustment wheel on the other side.


Well mine wouldn’t budge even though I pushed like crazy. I finally discovered why, there is a screw near the mag well that can be used to lock the hop up setting. Mine was fully tight making it impossible to move anything. On some rifles the screws are not completely screwed in making it possible to push the adjustment wheel out, but still so tight that it is impossible to turn it unless you are King Leonidas. I saw a review somewhere that mentioned that the hop up system is bad because it can not be adjusted by hand, well it can if you remove or loosen the screw!


Maybe G&G should have used a shorter spring and it would have worked better.


Once the hop up is set it’s best put the screw back in tight and never touch that damn thing again. The hidden hob up adjustment is a nice idea but the implementation is pretty poor.

I would say it is a pretty solid airsoft gun. Will have to test more with different gas types, BBs and of course CO2 mags. I will post fps measurements and a detailed “after action report” later this year.

PS Looks like she is having trouble with the hop up screw too 😉





~ by m1pencil on February 14, 2015.

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