Airsoft USMC Springfield / Unertl Sniper Rifle Part 1


I always wanted an airsoft WW2 USMC Springfield/Unertl, my all time favorite sniper rifle. It looks awesome and ridiculous at the same time, hahaha πŸ˜€

For years I waited for someone to release an airsoft Springfield 1903 (not counting the old KTW “wall hanger”), then G&G finally did. Unfortunately an A3 and not an A1 which would have been the correct version for a WW2 Marine Crops rifle. After some hesitation I decided to build me a Springfield / Unertl Sniper Rifle anyways. Who knows when an A1 becomes available (considering my luck probably next week 😝 ).

I’m well aware of the G&G Springfields limitations but I find sniper rifles in airsoft a bit overrated anyways. Cool style factor of course and it can be fun sniping around. But at the end of the day the range and accuracy advantage over other airsoft guns is often negligible. Add ammo capacity and semi vs auto vs bolt action… it quickly becomes a matter of style over substance, as are probably many things in airsoft πŸ˜‰

Well anyways, let’s start with a bit of history on the USMC sniper rifle

It is sometimes referred to as the “USMC Model 1941 Sniper Rifle” but I don’t know if this was an official designation. It was adopted in late 1942.


After a few tests and trials the Springfield M1903A1 National Match was selected as the rifle of choice. Close contender was the Winchester Model 70. It seems the Springfield was selected not because it shot better than the Winchester but among other things because of parts compatibility and sturdiness. The specially selected Springfield M1903A1 National Match rifles were fitted with scope blocks and fine tuned by Marine armorers. The polished bolt of the National Match rifles was blued. Standard stock for the rifles was the “c-stock” with pistol grip instead of the straight “s-stock”. The 8x scope was designed by John Unertl and was found to be clearly superior to various other scopes like the Lyman 5A and Winchester A5.

Marine sniper on Guadalcanal, he uses the Lyman scope which was found not well suited for combat.


After mixed initial reports (which might have been a confusion with Springfields fitted with Lyman scopes) the 1903/Unertl proved to be an excellent sniper rifle. It remained in service through the Korean War.


So let’s start with my little project. Easiest way would of course be this:


But the “scope” didn’t work too well so I decided toΒ  put a little more effort into it. πŸ˜‰ It’s an utterly awesome beer by the way 😜

I bought a c-stock, which was not easy to find for a reasonable price, to replace the G&G s-stock. I expected this to be fairly easy. But there was quite a bit of work needed to make the G&G internals fit. Took me many hours to complete, G&G dimensions are really off in a lot of places. I have replaced stocks on a view airsoft guns in the past but somehow this turned out to the be most annoying conversion. Not something I ever want to do again…

First the easy part: Disassembling the rifle


Then I started working on the c-stock, not a single G&G part fits without modding the stock.






Constant checking was necessary, once you take away too much wood you have a problem as there is no going back.



And this is it for part 1, part 2 should follow tomorrow (just need to sort out the photos).

Edit: For part 2 click here

~ by m1pencil on March 1, 2015.

3 Responses to “Airsoft USMC Springfield / Unertl Sniper Rifle Part 1”

  1. i have my G&G m1903a3 converdet to m1903a1 WWi style. you Need Pictures ??? best regards from Austria

  2. i have my G&G m1903a3 converted to m1903a1 WWi style. you Need Pictures !!!

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