Eastman Leather US Navy White T-Shirt


Excellent reproduction of the classic World War 2 USN t-shirt. Superb fabric, correct fit & a very nice slightly off white/ ecru colour. So how is it different from a basic modern crew neck shirt? Wider neck, shorter sleeves, no side seam, narrow fit (but not super tight) and as they were intended to be worn tucked in they are slightly longer too.


In my opinion this kind of t-shirt was worn by Marines before the introduction of the green USMC t-shirt in late 1944. It’s not easy to find info on these shirts, the white ones are not covered in any USMC reference book I know of. Even in the otherwise great “United States Marine Corps Uniforms, Insignia and Personal Items of World War II” the models are wearing wrong modern style white t-shirts.


The green USMC t-shirts were made differently from the white Navy ones. You can easily see the difference in the collar construction. Eastman white Navy shirt in comparison to an ATF green USMC shirt.




When I bought my Eastman shirts they were £39,99, seems they are now £49,99. Quite hefty (especially if you’re from the EU & the value of the € going down the toilet) but it’s the best repro out there.

And paired with oldschool P41s it makes for an awesome beach outfit 😝


You can order the shirt on the Eastman Leather site

~ by m1pencil on March 26, 2015.

2 Responses to “Eastman Leather US Navy White T-Shirt”

  1. Nice review. I’ve been wanting to get a reproduction for a while. I have the luxury of owning a few named originals. Here is one, USN CB shirt.

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