P41 Utility Jackets II: Artillery?


A well worn P41 Jacket with markings. Bought it as “artillery related”. I have been trying to figure out what the markings mean but no success yet. Because of the red shield I thought of the 12th Marines, but that seems to be a dead-end. Marine Defense Battalion?…


The jacket is very faded and the markings are hard to see. The white 12, H & 2 seem to have been stenciled on, the red crest was painted by hand. There is also something in white on the red shield, looks like an artillery shell. I fiddled a bit around with contrast level to make the markings more visible, my camera does not capture them well


The “2” was also stencilled to the front


Buttons are of the later black painted steel variant


Here you can see the red colour bleeding through



~ by m1pencil on March 28, 2015.

23 Responses to “P41 Utility Jackets II: Artillery?”

  1. That’s a really nice p41, congrats

  2. Hi I bought in 1988 in Italy a jacket like this.
    It has an hand painted red shield with a white bullet inside in the same position of your jacket. Below it there is a White number “2”. The “2” is also stenciled to the front.
    Please how I can do to public some pictures of my jacket?

  3. Hi, that’s cool! I think you can post an image link directly in the comment field. You just need to upload the pics somewhere.

  4. I tried to do it but you can not!

  5. sorry, I tried to do it but I can not.

  6. m1pencil a t yahoo.com is it correct?

    • Yes, got your mail will reply shortly. Here are the pics. Now we just need to find out what unit it is 🙂

      Edit: seems like yours is 5 / A / 2 while mine is 12 / H / 2

  7. Only “shape” of the red “Shield” that I have seen is 3rd MAF (Island Assault Force) in WW II (Marine Amphibious Force). In Vietnam I rated the same Red Shield Dragon shoulder patch (1965). The Shield would normally have a yellow (Gold) Dragon with Roman Numeral III at the top (I have also seen the WW II patch with 3 silver stars at the top. Perhaps this was an “Artillery” variation / modification of the 3rd MAF Patch ??

    • Hi John, thanks for your comment! I have seen this shape in use on several WW2 patches: 3rd Amphibious Corps (as you wrote), 5th Amphibious Corps, that is the one with the three stars (& alligator head), Defense Battalion, Aircraft Wing. But I couldn’t find an exact match.

  8. It is the exact same shape as the 3rd MAF patch

  9. 12th Marines are Artillery, “H” Company (?) could represent “2nd” Battery / Battalion (?). With 12th Marines 1st Battalion being A,B,C,D and 2nd Battalion being E,F,G,”H” (Not too sure about Cannon Cockers and how they set up there outfits as I was always with the Grunts).

    • I had a similar idea when I started my research, 12th Marines, 2nd Battalion, H Battery. But I found out that “H” Battery was part of 3rd battalion.
      Now when looking at pavesimas jacket (5/A/2 vs 12/H/2) it’s probably not 12th Marines.

      And considering USMC WW2 UNIS it would have been to easy to decipher 😉

  10. Then if it makes no sense,… it’s gott’a be USMC

  11. I started out as a gunner on a 106mm Recoilless Rifle Anti-Tank Platoon 1/8(1963), made the mistake of telling them (USMC) that I really liked what I was doing,… got transferred to Communications as a Grunt Radio Operator.

  12. You should post the jacket on the us militaria forum and see what they think. Here’s a link to it. http://www.usmilitaria.com/forums/

  13. Woops link screwed up. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/

  14. So I know this isn’t exactly the place for this but i figured it would do. Saw these camo P44s on ebay. Look pretty mint. Thought you might be interested. Side note any idea what the parachute patch is? The wings look American in shape but I’ve never them in yellow

    • Interesting, not sure what patch this is. US Navy / USMC Jump Wings? P44s did not see much use during WW2 so probably post war?

      • That was my theory. Sorry for the double post I was using my phone so it looked like it didn’t work the first time.

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