5th Marines, 1952


Finally back on the fields of glory 😉 , first airsoft game in 2015, yeah! Before I go into full PTO mode I went for some classic Korea gear, easier to adjust to the current temperatures.


Ended up with shirt, wool sweater & body armor. The sweaters seem to have been quite popular with the Marines in Korea. They pop up on many period pics and can sometimes be seen worn on their own without P41s/44s.


The Marine Corps approves fresh Korean mountain water 😉


ICS Garand worked flawlessly once again. It has become a real favorite of mine, it just works and works and works… 😎


A few of the pics that served as inspiration




Looks like even Chesty Puller wore his wool sweater, now who would dare say this is not one awesome piece of garment 😛




~ by m1pencil on April 28, 2015.

12 Responses to “5th Marines, 1952”

  1. Really nice photo. 🙂

  2. GREAT!!!! Do you have Instagram?

    • Hi Tom, no Instagram account at the moment. Have been thinking about starting one though, maybe in the future 🙂

  3. Which trousers are these??

  4. Was thinking about how you mentioned just how hard it is to find info on Korea (ran into the same problem myself with similar endeavors) So I when I came across these sites i thought I would send them your way.

    http://www.koreanwar-educator.org – this one seems to have more Army than USMC photos but still good.

    http://www.marzone.com – this one is just USMC, mostly Vietnam but i found a number of interesting photos of Korea. Unfortunately navigation is brutal. Found it easier to go directly to a page from google.

  5. Hi! I’ve really enjoyed your blog and the detail that you put into your impressions. They certainly give us WW2 (or Korean) airsofters something to strive for when putting together our kit! What company did you get that od sweater from? Keep up the good work!!

    • Hi, thanks! 😀 The sweater is an original that I bought on eBay some years ago. ATF and What Price Glory both make repros of these, and What Price Glory has some originals for sale too from time to time.

  6. I was wondering is the shirt your wearing for this impression the wool flannel usmc pattern or did they come with a differet shirt for korea? Thanks in advance

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