VFC BAR magazine conversion


It has always annoyed me that the only mags available for the VFC B.A.R. are high caps. I dislike high caps in general and in addition the feeding of the VFC mags was mediocre at best. So I decided it was finally time to convert them.

Since the internals are a copy of the Tokyo Marui M16 VN high caps I thought it should be possible to simply swap those for Marui M16 VN 80 round internals. Bought one Begadi Type 25 mag (clone of the Mari 80 round mag) and gave it a try. Since it worked I bought a whole bunch and converted all my VFC mags.

It pretty easy, took me just a few minutes per mag. VFC B.A.R. mag left, Begadi M16 mag right






All you have to do is cut away a few pieces, marked them in red


Converted internals


Now it can be put into the VFC B.A.R. mag shell


You can use the same screw that held the VFC internals in place


And that’s it, ready to rock ‘n’ roll 😈


The VFC internals are left intact so in case you decide to go high cap again you can reverse the process. You can also convert the internals into a mid cap, check out this guide.





~ by m1pencil on May 1, 2015.

5 Responses to “VFC BAR magazine conversion”

  1. Nicely done

  2. Any Tips for getting the magazine apart? I can’t seem to get the bottom or top apart to save my life. or without trashing the BAR mag in the process. Help me M1 Pencil, you’re my only hope ;p

  3. Does this conversion work on the Matrix BAR mags?

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