New caps for summer


😎  When I find some cool stuff in oldschool camo it’s very difficult (= impossible) for me to resist a purchase… Bought two new caps, one from “Papa Nui” and one from “TSPTR”. Both are not repro manufacturers but more trying to capture the vibe of the time period (in case of TSPTR mostly geared towards NAM). Check out Papas blog he seems to be a cool guy. For the TSPTR website click here

First the “Papa Nui” cap


Very high quality cap, built to last!


I love those little details 🙂


Now the TSPTR ballcap


“Beach camo” on the inside, nice!




It seems that both caps are made by John Lofgren in Japan. The excellent camo cloth appears to be the same, now if someone would make some P42s with this!


And with your caps at jaunty tilt your’re all set to… 😉


~ by m1pencil on May 5, 2015.

One Response to “New caps for summer”

  1. So awesome. Thinking about getting a TSPTR cap for next summer.

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