USMC Scout Sniper, Saipan 1944


After some not so happy times I’m finally back with a new post πŸ™‚ Here is my Scout Sniper impression from last weekends airsoft game. Was good to get out again and clear my head.




Before the introduction of the P44 USMC cap the Marine Corps used army field caps. Marines sometimes expressed their “esprit de corps” by pining EGAs to the army caps.


First full airsoft game with the Springfield. A few minor hick-ups here and there but all in all performance was OK. Accuracy & consistency left a bit to be desired, still need to fiddle around more with the hop up and try different gas types and BBs. The “Unertl” scope with its 8x power is overkill for airsoft but it worked better than expected.


Jungle shoes for the jungle blues. They held up surprisingly well and might survive some more gamesΒ  πŸ˜‰


~ by m1pencil on June 15, 2015.

14 Responses to “USMC Scout Sniper, Saipan 1944”

  1. Dear dude who writes this blog:
    First off, well done on the 1903 conversion. Second, sweet kicks you got going there. Now my question: Do you have the M1945 pack system for your reenactments, and if so, would you mind doing a how-to on fitting and wearing it? You’re my go-to dude for this stuff, because of the well written and formatted nature of your blog. Thanks again,


    • Hi Erik, sorry I do not have a M45 pack system 😦

      • M1945 System was ARMY NOT MARINE.
        Marines’ had their own system, which inspired the M44/45 set up. Marine packs are shown elsewhere on site.

        Your M45 bags should have diagrams and instructions inside the waterproof throat. But here is the jist-
        -Suspender back straps go straight onto back of Belt.
        -Suspender front STRAIGHT straps go through loops on bottom and clip to D-rings.
        -Suspender front ANGLED straps go on front, by closure of Belt.
        -Two shoulder straps on pack body went through buckles on suspenders, and horizontal strap on pack locked pack to suspenders.
        There is a different set up for full Cargo Transport set.

  2. Awesome stuff. Love those jungle shoes.

  3. awesome!

    i have some questions about p41s and canteens. i’m doing a 1:6 scale project on the battle of Peleliu and I’m trying to nail every detail.

    canteens – how common were the cross flap USMC canteens on Peleliu? I know they came out in ’43 but the few pics ive seen show more m1910 canteens. i ask because i have a hefty supply of the cross flaps and i’d rather not buy a bunch of m1910s.

    p41s – i have a couple different shades of P41s. most of them are a slightly different shade of green, nothing too noticeable. but i have several that are so faded they almost look tan. when i put them side by side the color difference seems too extreme. if possible i’d like to show you a pic.

    • It’s difficult to tell the canteen cover patterns apart on most original photos as the resolution is so poor.
      On Peleliu the vast majority seem to have been “P2” covers:
      Possibly some P1 covers too, they look the same except for the fasteners (“durable dot” vs “lift the dot”). While browsing through my pics I spotted one Army M1910 cover and it is known that the First Marine Division made limited use of those. The cross flap covers were very rare on Peleliu.

      Original P41s can vary a lot in colour, especially when “salty”. You can send me a pic to m1pencil (a t) if you like. Or upload to an image hoster and post the link here.

  4. I bow and envy. Really beautifull. πŸ™‚

  5. This is absolutely awesome, cheers for posting this!! Sooo cool

  6. Are those trousers the at the front reproductions???

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