Airsoft Op Cape Gloucester

That looks like a fun game!

~ by m1pencil on July 2, 2015.

5 Responses to “Airsoft Op Cape Gloucester”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I was there. One of the finest game ever. It would be a pleasure to invite you of joining us. Despite the distance, you will always be welcome. Here I put the first part as USMC side, enjoy!

  2. Hi all I’m Raven, and I organize that event.
    I’d like to say thanks here again to all players, and especially some friends who gave me a little hand to realize most of the different accessories (bunkers, flamethrower, M1 Howitzer and so one) wich gave to this party that “small little thing” so appreciated.

    Another similar event will be prepared next year, on june 5th- 6th 2016
    “OP Cape Torokina” – Bougainville 1943.

    Welcome !

  3. Back again !!!
    I’m Raven, and I organize another “Pacific Party” next 1st&2nd of july 2017

    ***OP Matanikau***
    The Marines on Starvation Island
    Guadalcanal 1942

    I could send you some pictures by email ?
    LVT’s, bunkers, flamethrower, 2 airsoft bazookas, mortars artillery, demolition charges, a complete infantry battlegame !!!

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