Japanese Army Type 90 Helmet


Back to some more Japanese militaria! 😎 Introduced in the early 1930s the Type 90 was the standard combat helmet used by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War 2. It consisted of a steel shell, liner and chin strap. The Type 90 helmets came in two sizes (small & large). Shell thickness was 1mm and weight was about 1kg.

Here is one well used example with a late war helmet net (it did not originally come with this helmet, I added it for display purposes)


Right side


Left side


Closeup of the “Army star” on the front


Two of the 4 vent holes on the top of the helmet


Liner rivet


The two small rivets hold the chin strap ring in place. Also note the brush stroke going around the helmet. My understanding is the the shells came already painted before the liners were installed. Once the liner was in place a crude brush stroke all around the helmet was used to cover the rivets.




Size marking “倧” (dai – large), on the inside of the helmet, the size marking is also found on the liner.


The soldiers name was painted on the inside of the brim, “Miyashita”


On the liner flap is more info: Nishi 18954 Unit, Miyashita Yoshimoto


Chin strap ring


On the inside of the Type 90 liner flaps are small compartments for padding pouches. Unfortunately the manufacturer marks on the compartment can no longer be read.




Closeup of the “Army star” prongs holding it in place


And last but not least a few photos showing Type 90s in use, hope you enjoyed this excursion into Japanese militaria. More to come πŸ™‚





~ by m1pencil on August 17, 2015.

5 Responses to “Japanese Army Type 90 Helmet”

  1. Hi! You have a beautiful helmet. When were the “late war” nets issued? I’ve also seen the tri-color body nets that have the same green color and they’re described as late war as well. I’m just getting started collecting militaria from the Empire of Japan. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, I have not seen a specific date mentioned for the helmet or body nets, just “late war” or “late type”. Happy collecting! πŸ˜€

      • Thanks for the answer! I’m having fun with collecting Japanese militaria so far. It’s totally different from my usual US/USMC!

  2. I have 2 WWII Japanese helmets both empty shells although one has what appears to be 2 thin, appx. 2″ wide brass kind of flange riveted to the interior (nothing else in the interior) that seems to have been used as some kind of clip/holder for the interior head band system. Does this make sense. Also I would like to restore the helmet interiors. Any suggestions on what that will take and where I can best get the complete interior systems?

    • There are civil defense helmets that look very similar to the Type 90 combat helmet, maybe you got one of those? Check “hikishop-dot-com” or “stewartsmilitaryantiques-dot-com” for reproduction replacement helmet interiors.

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