G&G M1 Garand Part 1


Here it finally is, the G&G AEG M1 Garand. It was long time in the making, if I remember correctly the first news about it popped up in late 2011/ early 2012… If you are in the market for an airsoft Garand a comparison to the direct competitor, the ICS Garand, might be interesting. So I decided to add some G&G vs ICS info to this post.


I wasn’t blown away after opening the box for the first time but the G&G Garand looks solid and pretty cool. Wood colour is nice and quality seems to be good, nothing spectacular but nice. The metal parts are in a greyish colour to replicate the parkerized look of originals. Quite cool, time will tell if it is possible to achieve a good used look. Stock dimensions are are bit on the fat side but better than the ICS stock. I do not like the shape of the”grip” section of the stock too much though.

In this first post on the G&G Garand I will focus on the external stuff. So let’s take a look at the details, first the trigger guard. It is a bit too small and unfortunately not the correct WW2 version (for the record, ICS also got it wrong).


Front assembly, gas cylinder is almost flush with the barrel, just as it should be! Bayonet fits without problem


ICS / G&G comparison, because of the gap between barrel and gas cylinder it is not possible to attach a bayonet to the ICS Garand


Swivel dimensions are slightly off but OK. No comparison to the ridiculously oversized  ICS swivels


No problems attaching the sling


Compared to an original the stock plate is a bit too big but I find it acceptable. Much better than the ICS buttplate


Battery compartment


On to the magazine, currently it seems to be pretty difficult to find extra ones. Hello G&G wake up please?!


It looks really funky and holds 20 BBs.


Comparison G&G, ICS and rubber clip


Unfortunately the mags do not fit in a cartridge belt 😦


It is possible to slide off the base plate, then the mags fit but this is not really a satisfying solution in my opinion


Fortunately the magazines do fit in the bandoleer


Inserting the magazine is a bit of an awkward process and quite fiddly, maybe it needs some getting used to. Getting the mag out is super easy and works smooth. Funny as this is the direct opposite of the ICS were the mag is easy to get in but sometimes difficult to get out.


Front sight, the ears could be bent a little more for my taste


ICS front sight for comparison


Rear sight, it does not show very well on the photo but the adjustment knobs are black while the other parts are grey. Does look a bit toyish


The hop up can be easily accessed, simply pull back the bolt


Basic disassembly of the rifle is super easy. First step: remove the screw at the end of the gas cylinder, this is the only step were you will need a tool, everything else works without, nice!!



Take out the trigger unit


Now you can remove all other parts



Another comparison: G&G vs ICS



I will post the second part of my G&G review after I have used it in a few games. Shot a few mags with it and it worked well but I’m not the biggest fan of “lab” tests and endless indoor chrono sessions without ever using the airsoft guns in real games. Sitting in the living room and picking of a few paper targets really is no comparison to actually going out there and (ab)using the gun in a game. Reliability, durability… 😜

From the three available M1 Garands (Marushin, ICS & G&G) the Marushin is clearly the best external wise, very close to the real thing. G&G is OK but not perfect, ICS is easily the worst. But the ICS is a real shooter and is very reliable, it has become one of my favourite airsoft guns. The Marushin is only barely playable at all and is more of a wallhanger / display gun. G&G let’s see, I will report back 🙂

~ by m1pencil on December 7, 2015.

21 Responses to “G&G M1 Garand Part 1”

  1. For the record, the stamped trigger guards started appearing around June/July 1944, so there were many thousands of wartime Garands with them.

    • Thanks for the info, I thought they were very late war / post war only. Still it annoys me that they did not make a WW2 milled trigger guard. Even in Korea many (most?) of the USMC Garands still seem to have the milled trigger guard, and of course it is wrong for anything pre “D-Day” 😦

  2. When you’re running around, shootin’, stabbing Norks in the face with your bayonet, they’ll never notice…

  3. Also, the front sight wings are Winchester-style flares, and the sight knobs are also mostly post-war. But again, when you’re digging your bayonet out of a Peoples’ Liberation Army slug’s face, they won’t care. FIGHT WIN PREVAIL!!

  4. Hey totally random but this thought just popped into my head. But you could wear a BAR belt to fit the mags and claim you’re an assistant gunner. Not an ideal solution but historically accurate at least.

  5. Question: Where did you find extra mags for the g&g m1 Garand?

  6. Question: Where did you get the g&g extra mags?

  7. Yeah, they are extremely hard to find 😢

  8. Hey Again, Had a thought today, Since the G&G seems to be your preferred Garand now it might be a neat project to turn the ICS one into an M1-C. I’ve seen some repro Griffin and Howe mounts floating around the internet and Lyman Alaskans/M82s. Be quite the head turner to go along with the Springfield you did a while back.

    • Actually I have been toying with the idea of a M1C project since the days I had the Marushin Garand 😀 I need to check out those repro mounts!

  9. I guess my phone messed up but Numrich has them for $269 USD. I can try sending the link again.

  10. Hello, where you bought dumy clips?

  11. Hi! I have very strange problem with mi ics garand – When the battery is connected, trigger jams. Pulling trigger without battery is OK. Disassembly of the gearbox does not help. Anybody know, how to fix it? Please, help. There is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVrZaeOXHjI

  12. Hi! I have very strange problem with mi ics garand – When the battery is connected, trigger jams. Pulling trigger without battery is OK. Disassembly of the gearbox does not help. Anybody know, how to fix it? Please, help. There is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVrZaeOXHjI

  13. Seeing you are a bit of a technical whizz, do you think the G&G would fit a USGI stock? Maybe even a USGI Trigger guard?

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