High quality WW2 photos I

I’m currently sorting all kinds of PTO pics on my computer and this a good opportunity to share some cool high-res photos. A few of them not seen often I guess. So here comes the first post in a new series 🙂

Artillery on Bougainville, click the pics to enlarge

75mm pack howitzer, “H” Battery, 3rd Battalion, 12th Marines. Check out the “large mesh” helmet nets, seems they were popular on Bougainville, they can be spotted in several period photos.


105mm howitzer positions


The two Marines on the left have cut their pants down to shorts.


Another 75mm pack howitzer position, the guy on the left always reminds me of “Dark Helmet” from Spaceballs 😉




Supplying ammunition to the artillery positions seems to have been a fun job…


The last one, very blurred so high-res makes no sense. Still a shot with a lot of atmosphere


To be continued

~ by m1pencil on January 10, 2016.

10 Responses to “High quality WW2 photos I”

  1. Cant open the last one.

  2. Interesting, I hadn’t seen that “space balls” helmet used on land before, thought it was a ship born thing only. I think I remember it being called a “talker” helmet? Not sure, don’t have my reference stuff with me.

    Keeps these coming!

    • Hi Blake, I know these as Navy Mk II “talker” helmets, not sure if this is the correct nomenclature though?

      • That sounds right. Forget what book it was listed in but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same one you saw, ha.

  3. Questions for ya, If you have any showing trench gun or sniper rifles in use would you be willing to post them in here? I only ever seem to be able to find the same two or three pictures when searching.

    “U.S. Marine Corps Scout/sniper: World War II And Korea” by Peter Senich has some good stuff and I recommend it, but its has served to only whet my appetite

  4. haha, those are the same ones I always come across, thank you though.

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