4th Marine Division “513” Canteen Cover


An interesting second pattern canteen cover with UNIS marks. 513 = “25th Infantry Regiment, 1st Battalion,  B Company”. The cover is obviously very battered and has been repaired numerous time, salty glory! 😀 There are remnants of another UNIS code but I can’t make it out anymore, “332” or “532”?


Markings on the backside, “B” for B Company?


Someone wanted to make very sure it’s clear that this canteen belongs to 513… markings on the bottom side as well 🙂


The UNIS tac marks are done in a very rough / hand drawn way, interestingly I own a UNIS marked E-Tool cover were the 513 was done in a very similar way! Done by the same person? No way to know of course, but at least we can assume that the guys of 513 must have had some really talented artists among them 😉


Check out the style 513 is written in



~ by m1pencil on April 8, 2016.

6 Responses to “4th Marine Division “513” Canteen Cover”

  1. Thought you might enjoy this. Hopefully the link actually works


  2. Hey, I’m curious why the marked all the equipment? What was the point behind this? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, I would say to be able to distinguish units easier in the field, or to get back your units stuff when handing it in for repairs ;)… guess it was useful for several reasons. But only in the 4th Division it was widely used, UNIS marked gear is far less common in the other Divisions (second place would probably go to the 5th).

      • Thanks for the reply man!

        • If you have ever been in the military you will quickly learn that marking your gear is more important to the command than you are.😂

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