Buzz Rickson’s P42 Camouflage Jacket


I have already compared a few repro camo jackets some years back and here comes a new contender. USMC P42 jacket from the latest Buzz Rickson’s collection.


The fabric feels amazing and close to originals. The HBT weave is quite good. Not 100% on point “Army style” weave that should be used for USMC camo utilities but pretty close.


I’m sure if one would lay out all P42 repros next to each other most people would say the Buzz Rickson’s has the “nicest” colour. From a “perfect repro” perspective they are a bit too dark though. Should they fade and lighten up over time this jacket has great potential in the colour department.

Snaps, excellent, the top of the dome is just a bit flat (yes I’m being very picky here). Lower pocket button is great too.


Breast pocket well I’m not sure if there are variations but the originals I have handled did not have the a seam that separated the pocket in two compartments, this is a feature I only know from P41 jackets. Pocket on the brown side does not have this extra seam.


Thread colour is unfortunately too dark


This becomes especially evident on the brown side


Verdict? Not sure, some great stuff like the superb fabric but a few things bother me, especially if one considers the price. Of course the jacket is marketed more towards the fashion crowd but that does not change the fact that it is almost twice as much as WWII Impressions jacket.

I’m still waiting for the ultimate P42 repro…

~ by m1pencil on November 13, 2016.

2 Responses to “Buzz Rickson’s P42 Camouflage Jacket”

  1. how’s the size on these run?

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