Webley Mark VI CO2 airsoft revolver


My latest airsoft acquisition: Webley Mark VI CO2 revolver

Box design is kind over overloaded and a bit too toyish for my taste


It comes not only with a manual but a reproduction of the “Small Arms Training” manual as well, very cool 🙂


On to more important things, the revolver


Full metal construction (except for the grips of course) and built from original blueprints it feels very solid and is quite heavy (~1kg), no problem using it as a club when running out of ammo 😉 The single & double action works super nice and ejecting the shells is exactly like the real thing. I’m sure quickly changing shells in a game will be a thrill ride hahaha 😀  one of the most fun airsoft guns I own!



Unscrewing the lanyard swivel lets you take of the grip and load/unload a 12g CO2 capsule



Each brass shell can hold one BB.


Problems: WAY to powerful for playing airsoft (even though some of the more annoying highlanders would certainly deserve a high fps kick in the face, butt). Fixed/ no Hop-Up, on the shops website it was listed as “fixed hop-up” but I can’t see one?! To me it looks like no Hop-Up at all… and inaccuracy + high power = recipe for disaster 😯

What to do?

Power: There is a guy who offers shells which are suitable for playing airsoft on Etsy, the finishing is a bit crude and some of the drill holes are on the sloppy side of things. But as long as they get the job done it should be fine. Chrono test with these will follow. They are cheaper than the original brass shells so not a big drama if you lose on in the heat of battle. When painted they should look OK.


Hop-Up: There are a few Hop-Up mod guides, seems to be not too difficult to add at least a fixed Hop yourself. Maybe I will do that. But first I will experiment with a few different BB weights, more on that in a future post.

Now I just need to find a way to sneak this fun gun into a USMC PTO impression :DDD … or dust of my British gear 🙂

~ by m1pencil on December 2, 2016.

5 Responses to “Webley Mark VI CO2 airsoft revolver”

  1. Slap it in a M1917 holster, I’m sure most people won’t notice it’s different, :p

  2. who’s the manufacturer? How much?

  3. Very simple to install a fixed hop up, and works very well, range increase

  4. An interesting use for this one may be a British officer in Singapore prior to the surrender!

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