Lightning Magazine – Military Jacket


Lightning Magazine – Military Jacket. A super nice magazine from Lightning Japan. It is a high quality publication, not to be confused with cheaply produced mainstream magazines. These “Mooks” (somewhat of a crossover between a magazine and a book) are ever popular in Japan.

The magazine features Military Jackets from 1900 to the 1990s, the biggest part is devoted to the 1940s. Flight Jackets, Deck Jackets, Field Coats, Civilian Models… Contains some rare stuff from high-end collections. The layout is very nice but the Jackets are not depicted in great detail just 1-3 photos for many of the featured items. Luckily there is almost no text so you will not miss anything if you can’t read Japanese.


Because of the few detail photos this magazine will obviously not work as an exhaustive reference guide,  nonetheless very enjoyable and nice to browse through. The magazine itself costs 1800 Yen, not expensive, but it is still dangerous for the wallet… oh this looks nice… and this… and this… and… 🙂

Highly recommended

Lightning Magazine – Military Jacket, 242 pages, softcover, ISBN: 9784777942930









~ by m1pencil on February 15, 2017.

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