USMC Scout Sniper Korean War

Game 1 / 2017, Yeah! 😀 First time I used the M1C Garand, quite a beast, but it worked really well and was super fun to use.

The G&G Grand mags annoy me a bit, once again I found them to fall quite easily out of the bandoleer. Lost one twice but luckily some other players found them.

Good thing about oldschool gear: you can still move… was an open day and a some totally overloaded SF guys asked me to make a charge at the flag during a ctf game because they couldn’t move fast enough with all their shit 😀 But for an open day a lot of really friendly guys and surprisingly no serious cheating, nice 🙂

Up to the…


Gear wise nothing too special, used an ammo bag to carry all the airsoft necessities: BBs, gas, some small tools, snacks, lipstick… haha 😉

Don’t forget to drink enough water kids! Dehydration is a killer 😀 😉

~ by m1pencil on June 5, 2017.

5 Responses to “USMC Scout Sniper Korean War”

  1. Hell yeah. Looks killer!

  2. Great stuff. Excellent comment about the overloaded guys not being effective because of the classic airsoft problem of “too much bullshit”.

  3. Love the Korean war stuff

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