WW2 USMC Helmets V: The Jungle Liner

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Helmet, M-1, Jungle Troop, Stock No. 74-L-72-25

These Liners were factory painted in camouflage by Westinghouse (the only maker of Jungle Liners) as part of an experimental project to improve “concealment in jungle environments”. Continue reading ‘WW2 USMC Helmets V: The Jungle Liner’

First aid

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OK what is going on here?! 😎 Check out the faces of the two Marines in the makeshift first aid station…

Treatment for burns? Anti flash cream? Just weird lighting?

Seems like the other guys are making fun of them 😀

Merry Christmas 2020

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Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope 2021 will be better… :-/

Sake fun on Tarawa

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For relaxing times… make it S̶u̶n̶t̶o̶r̶y̶  Sake time!

Enjoying Sake on Tarawa, guess most of you know the Marines fought Imperial Japanese Navy and not Army units on Tarawa (+ construction laborers). Namely 7th Sasebo Special Navy Landing Force and 3rd Special Base Force (used to be 6th Yokosuka SNLF).
Check out the guy in the middle, he wears an IJN Petty Officer Field Cap. The guy on the left wears what seems to be a SNLF Tropical Field Jacket, the white patch in the right chest is an identity label that usually stated name, rank and sometimes blood type and other info as well. The Marine on the right seems not to be into cosplay 😉 kanpai!

Not going to Frisco…

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Das Geheimnis japanischer Kraft Book

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The title translates to “The secret of Japanese Strength” (or Power), a book by Albrecht Fürst von Urach published in 1943 in Germany.
It explores Japans rise to a world power, it’s culture, history, politics and more.

Albrecht von Urach actually traveled to east asia several times and lived in Tokyo in 1936/37. “Das Geheimnis japanischer Kraft” was quite a big seller at the time, selling over 800000 copies Continue reading ‘Das Geheimnis japanischer Kraft Book’

Beach Battalion Medical Personnel Photo

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High quality pic of Beach Battalion medical personnel (on Tarawa?). Interesting Photo with lots to discover. Note for example the round white marks on helmets and shoulders, wounded soldier smoking and Sherman tank in the sea behind. (click to enlarge)

The white markings were used to distinguish Navy medical personnel attached to beach battalions, corpsmen attached to USM units did not wear these (usually no markings at all)

Midway x Lockdown

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Lockdown life… finally watched Midway, good I had a few Suntory Highballs at hand to get me through 😉 Hope you are all doing fine in these crazy times…

AVANT Magazine Vol.2 – American Militaria

•January 13, 2020 • 10 Comments

And now for something slightly different, AVANT Magazine Vol.2 – American Militaria

“After exploring American Workwear during the Gold Rush, AVANT Magazine dig into the history of Military uniforms. It features fascinating stories, exclusive content and iconic pieces through 196-pages written by a core of passionate contributors. ”

Not something geared towards the hardcore collector or reenactor but interesting nonetheless. American militaria from a more design / vintage / menswear oriented perpective. Features Interviews, some rare pieces, illustrations and more. Pretty nice! Continue reading ‘AVANT Magazine Vol.2 – American Militaria’

10 years of M1 Pencil

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10 years! Crazy how time flies! 🙂