Webley Mark VI CO2 airsoft revolver

•December 2, 2016 • 3 Comments


My latest airsoft acquisition: Webley Mark VI CO2 revolver Continue reading ‘Webley Mark VI CO2 airsoft revolver’

Buzz Rickson’s P42 Camouflage Jacket

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I have already compared a few repro camo jackets some years back and here comes a new contender. USMC P42 jacket from the latest Buzz Rickson’s collection. Continue reading ‘Buzz Rickson’s P42 Camouflage Jacket’

Combat Firing with Hand Guns (1944)

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Need to rethink my airsoft handgun skills😉 and need to get myself a laser pistol!😀

USMC BAR Gunner Korean War

•October 4, 2016 • 13 Comments


Airsoft, yeah! :D  Here is my Korean War USMC BAR gunner impression that I used last Saturday Continue reading ‘USMC BAR Gunner Korean War’

At The Front N1 Field Shoes / Boondockers

•September 18, 2016 • 6 Comments


Here is ATFs repro of the WW2 “N1 Field Shoes” aka “Boondockers”. Before I bought them I tried to find some reviews or some more detailed info but no luck, not much on these on the web yet it seems. So I risked it all and simply ordered a pair😉 Continue reading ‘At The Front N1 Field Shoes / Boondockers’

Hacksaw Ridge Trailer

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Well this looks quite promising!😀

Running with the Dogs: War in Korea with D/2/7 USMC

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“Running with the Dogs” is Frederick P. Frankville’s personal account of his time in Korea 1950 / 1951 with the USMC. Looking for a detailed history of the Korean War or the analysis of battles or campaigns? This is not the book for you, the book is very episodic and constructed a bit confusingly at times. But highly recommended if you are looking for a grunts view of the Korean war! It contains tons of interesting recollections, some almost unbelievable incidents ranging from utterly gruesome to funny and quite a few accounts from other veterans as well. If you want some “boots on the ground” perspective of the Korean War this is a must read.

Blurb: “The US Marines fighting in Korea between 1950 and 1953 were often outflanked and almost always outnumbered-but they were never outwitted. The marines of Dog Company, Second Battalion, Seventh Regiment (D-2-7) and their comrades learned quickly how to fight the erratic enemy’s unfamiliar tactics and strategies and the harsh weather conditions in which they operated. Author Frederick P. Frankville, who fought up and down Korea with D-2-7 for nine months in 1950 and 1951, narrates in detail how the regiment succeeded in its mission and helped create a free South Korea. As he demonstrates, the Dogs” adopted new tactics as they fought to accomplish what marines in every war are trained to do: inflict more pain and suffering on the enemy than they receive in return. In this gripping, graphic, heartbreaking, and sometimes humorous memoir, Frankville shares his experiences and those of his fellow marines in wartime conditions and, more importantly, explores the true meaning of the Marine Corps’ motto, Semper Fi-always faithful”

Running with the Dogs: War in Korea with D/2/7 USMC, 308 pages, softcover, ISBN: 9781475974744