Navy Corpsman, Bougainville 1943

Here is my Navy Corpsman on Bougainville ~1943 impression that i used for a game of airsoft a short while ago.

I loosely based this impression on original photos from 1943. Analysing pics is fun 😀 As you can see most of the men wear P42 camouflage utilities and if you look closely you can see some interesting stuff. I marked the things relevant to my impression (click to enlarge)

(1) Bolo knife
(2) 1911 & fighting knife
(3) 14-280 corpsman bag

(4) Army & USMC cover worn at the same time

Is that a good idea? Get your halazone water purification tablets ready! 😕 (click to enlarge)

Marine down, Corpsman up!

Battered but not beaten 😎

~ by m1pencil on August 31, 2011.

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