PAL RH-36 Knife


The PAL RH-36 was one of the most used “commercial” knives during Word War 2. Before the introduction of the K-Bar there was a serious lack of fighting/utility knives and quite many Marines purchased commercial hunting knives in order to overcome this shortage. Most did so through the PX system were the RH-36 was readily available. I guess they were also issued to certain units. Of course the PAL RH-36 was not just used by Marines in the PTO, it was popular with servicemen from all branches.


There are a few variations of this knife, this one has a bright blade. PAL also manufactured a version with a parkerized blade, probably late in WW2.


Originally the knife was designed by “Remington Cutlery Company”, when the cutlery department of Remington was bought by PAL they kept original designation RH-36. RH stands for “Remington Hunting”, 36 being the model number (Blade Type 3, Blade Length 6″)


The dull metal pommel seems to be a feature of wartime manufactured knives.


Here is a nice pic of a pilot with his PAL RH-36. Note the PAL marked scabbard


And a Marine with what appears to be a RH-36. Could be a photo from the Korean war


PAL RH-36 knives are still fun to collect as they do not cost a fortune like some other WW2 knives and bayonets (yet?). Happy hunting! 😀

~ by m1pencil on March 11, 2013.

7 Responses to “PAL RH-36 Knife”

  1. I always had the impression this was issued gear to navy personnel, as it seems every sailor during the WW II era carried one. Thanks for the clarification!

    • There are also quite many pics of them in use from the ETO: Army, Aircrews… Though it is sometimes difficult to make out the exact type of knife as there were several civilian type hunting knives used. In some cases these might have been a mix of issued and privately purchased.

  2. I have PAL R-36,The blade is a little loose! Where can I get it fixed?

  3. Hi Please any experts on PAL RH 36. is This authentic?
    I just bought it but the grip is different from the ones I have seen but I mean the grip looks really well made is just that is different, why is that?

  4. My dad carried one after WW2 in RCAF, he carried it when he was a jump master.

  5. I accidented this blog. I was looking for info about my “PAL 36”.knife. I am a 76yr.old and still remember the horrors of WWII. I WATCHED the old movies because my father was an Army Air Corp pilot flying out of France into Germany. I then went to Berlin,Germany in 1949.Saw the OVENS and SHOWERS at a few of the CONCENTRATION CAMPS. That is one of my big complaints about the idiots that want to claim there was no HOLOCAUST.

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