USMC Bougainville Airsoft


A little “Bougainville Raider” inspired impression and finally an AEG Garand in action, yeah! 😎



If in doubt… frag it out  😛


Vegetation was crazy thick at some points, not ideal territory for a bulky Garand. Nonetheless it performed good on that day



It was a great day, but hot hot hot hot! 😮


Some of the Bougainville pics that inspired my impression:


Yellow frags FTW


Check out the way the shelter half is worn, seems this was done by Raiders from time to time. Also have photos from Guadalcanal showing Raiders wearing shelter halves “bandoleer style”.


Raiders on U.S.S. George Clymer closing in on Bougainville


~ by m1pencil on July 24, 2013.

9 Responses to “USMC Bougainville Airsoft”

  1. Awesome photos from your Bougainville Raider day. Love the yellow grenade detail. Man, where do you live… the terrain around there is great!!!

    • Thanks! 🙂 Terrain is really cool, but at times it gets so dense that it can end up in serious cqb mayhem. And there is always at least one moron present with a way overpowered airsoft gun… 🙄

  2. Great impression! where would the Marine carry the poncho when also taking its shelter half along?
    I also usually carry a handgrenade along, although I prefer the Deepfire MkII which is quite useful with its reliable timer and bb range. Its exterior rubber body works also when throwing it towards people you do not really want to hurt. Although one could argue its “farb”, I would not think of painting it yellow and becoming a beacon for everyone to fire on me. I find its also a pain to carry around as the usual spots you see on pictures tend to have them fall off when manouvering hard around.
    Another weird issue I find are the suspenders. I find them very comfortable to carry around but on pics of Marines in action quite many do not wear them after dembarcation.

    • That Deepfire MkII sounds very intersting, need to check it out! Thanks for the tip!
      I have no problems with the supenders as well (though the army design is superior) but I know a few guys who hate them.
      There are probably several reasons that you often see them not worn:
      – uncomfortable
      – as much gear as possible was dropped in the PTO on many occasions
      – the “official” way of carrying the pack without integrated supenders was “belt only” anyways.

  3. What could you tell me about carrying shelter halves and ponchos? The poncho that I have is pretty bulky by itself. Would it be carried inside the pack while the shelter half strapped outside of it? Would both be carried rolled one inside the other?

    • Hi, textbook would be: rolled shelter half (with blanket inside) outside of the haversack. Poncho folded inside the haversack (to act as a pad)

  4. Hi. P42 are reproductions or original? If reproduction, what brand? Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi, reproductions (originals are too expensive for the woods 😉 ). If I remember correctly jacket is SM Wholesale, pants WWII Impressions.

  5. Thanks for info. 🙂

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